Holmgren on collapse

5 05 2018

“To Collapse Or Not To Collapse: Pushing for economic ruin or building a great transition” was the topic for this unconventional ‘debate’ for the Sustainable Living Festival held at Federation Square in Melbourne February 2015. David Holmgren was the first of six speakers which also included Jess Moore, George Marshall, Nicole Foss, George Monbiot (Video Link) and Philip Sutton. See David’s website http://holmgren.com.au/to-collapse-or… for more. The full event can be view here: https://vimeo.com/119722889



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5 05 2018

(The first link is broken, should be: https://holmgren.com.au/collapse-not-collapse/ )

Some reading for those interested in this topic: Holmgren wrote an article “Crash On Demand” prior to this debate, which explores the same theme. I wrote a response, skeptical of his idea that a mass movement for collapse will ever arise, but arguing that inducing collapse is possible with a different strategy: “Demand Crash!

5 05 2018

Thanks for that….. I lifted it straight off youtube assuming it would be right, fixed now…

7 05 2018
Chris Harries

Came across this ‘inevitable collapse’ article this morning.

View at Medium.com

7 05 2018

Nice one – Thanks Chris.

Primitivist perspectives/writings are hard to come by… but they always get to the root of our predicament and future (if we still have one – hint… it’s primitive!)

And Easter Island never gets old for me, it is where we’re headed after all.

18 05 2018
Brendon Crook

Thank you for putting this up Chris,

Great comments after the article too.

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