Self sufficiency, comes at a price……

14 11 2017

IF you are one of my vegan friends, turn away, don’t read this…..  this morning, our two wethers met their fate and will be in our freezer next week.

I originally bought them 14 months ago with two young ewes, which have now both lambed, thanks to 20171104_184005Matt my neighbor who kindly allowed me to have them serviced by his ram. It’s a cooperative thing, all his Wilties are now on our orchard, gorging on luscious grass now going ballistic. We’ve had copious rain, and yesterday, today, and tomorrow, it’s hotter here than in Brisbane…. and the grass loves it! Normal Tasmanian weather will resume tomorrow afternoon!

As I have mentioned here before, our farm’s land capability, as it is officially known, is class 4 which is perfect for pastures, and therefore grazing animals. We are also lucky that our pastures have actually been improved by previous owners, and it’s great animal fattening land. We are not exactly making the most of it yet, because fully one third of our property is yet to have more animals eating our grass….. most likely, Matt’s cows will be put to the test soon!

20171114_091836We can’t eat grass, but the sheep can, and it’s a simple process to convert grass into protein for human consumption. The hard part is always the killing, which I do not enjoy, until the delicious result is on the table. And believe me, this is by far the best way to get high quality meat. The two wethers have had a great, if admittedly short life, and were never mistreated, right up til the very end……..

When the time came, one bullet is all it took, they never knew what happened…… stress20171114_092600 free meat means no adrenaline in the system, makes for better meat, and you can’t do it more humanely. The mobile butchers were efficient beyond belief, they were only here for forty minutes, and both carcasses were in their mobile cold room ready for cutting up later, all in that short time.  It actually took me longer to dispose of the leftovers, now composting for future use in the market garden. NOTHING is wasted…… this is how sustainable agriculture is done,

With the state of our soils in Tasmania and virtually everywhere else in Australia, incapable as they are of growing high energy food like grain and vegetables without loads of fossil energy inputs, I believe that in a post crash era we will be eating even more meat than we are currently…. and in any case, I’m sure we’ll be eating a lot less of everything, period…..



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14 11 2017

Thanks for giving the animals a good life whilst they were here Mike and for their humane ending. This is the way it should all be done – even if we have to pay more for meat.

14 11 2017

I expect that the meat will actually cost us $7/kg.

14 11 2017
leonard dieckmann

hi mike, i also come from qld and we were a farming family,(on some of the basalt country in se qld) have moved to cambodia, am 68 years old now and retired. yes sad to say most soils in aust are old and worn out, no trace elements and or are sedimentary material , case in point is the walloon basin around ipswich, and the areas around cape york, ive read in one of the explorers journals that it was described as a wet desert, plenty of rain but nothing would grow.
the soils here in cambodia, as far as i can discern are”rich in minerals”, and according to wikipedia, is part of a lacustrine basin, it was a lake bed at some time in the geologic past, probably sentiment brought down by the mekong in some glacial epoch, who knows?.
Anyway what i want to say is there is always plenty of green vegetables to buy at the markets, also fish, fresh fruit etc, lots of middle men all with shops on every corner, open 7 days , and everyone has a market garden, life is good.
love yous musings on your website and you have always plenty of links to other sites.

14 11 2017

There’ll be a lot less of us doing a lot less of everything. Which can’t be a bad thing.

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