Demain, le film……

9 10 2017

Thanks to Chris Harries, rusted on follower of Damnthematrix, I got a chance to see an excellent film on Climate Change created by a group of dedicated French environmentalists…..

I have to say, having seen several films on this issue, all of which have left me feeling let down, I was a bit skeptical of what I might eventually watch, but I thought, what the hell, it gets me out of the shed, I get to see Chris again, and I can pick up my latest wwoofer and a ton of compost in Hobart while I’m at it…….

It starts off on a great note, and one I’m passionate about. I am of course talking about sustainable agriculture…. and it starts off in Detroit, the heart of urban renewal following the total collapse of the auto industry there, and the population of what was once one of the USA’s largest metropolis. I have to say I was amused by the gasps in the audience as footage of just how derelict Detroit now looks. Doesn’t everyone know this…?

All in all, I actually found the film totally heart warming, with the only bit I would have left out being the usual rubbish Jeremy Rifkin comes out with, which is just green capitalism going rampant with solar panels, wind turbines and the inescapable electric car.

21poundnoteThe film crew visits Totnes (which we visited in 1979, pre transition town) and interviews Rob Hopkins who explains why we need to start printing our own money, literally giving it away instead of loaning it out as debt as is the case in the current monetary system. The idea of course is to not let any of it out of the local community, and certainly not have it go into the hands of multinational corporations to export to some tax haven. Rob flashed the Totnes 21 Pound note (do they have 7 pound notes Brixton-Pound-10-front-1000pxfor change I wonder..?), and another note, a ten quid one, from Brixton which has David Bowie’s face on it, much cooler than the Queen’s says Rob……. and I agree!

I loved the bit where the Icelandic revolution was explained, showing people with loud hailers and whistles meeting outside parliament every saturday until the government resigned. Icelanders than all got together and drew a new constitution, and jailed the bankers. Now that’s my kind of revolution..! No blood in the streets or anything, and a result to be proud of……

The crew also visits Denmark and Finland, and you have to see how the Finnish education system works to believe it. it almost drew tears to this old fart’s eyes…. to see all these kids happy and learning and respecting their teachers, tolerating kids from Africa and wearing Muslim scarves as if they just were not there, was truly heart warming.

I have one major gripe, however…….. it’s impossible to download this film, unless you go through a VERY DODGY website asking for your credit card details…. do not even think about it, I’ve googled them, and they are 100% scammers out to steal your money. You have been warned…

I find it ironic that I had to drive 150km return to watch a film about climate change. Even more ironic, another local I will probably meet soon, did also. And all because the producers will only allow release if a public screening is organised by local groups. I understand wanting to protect your copyright, but this is two years old now…..

Don’t get me wrong, I support this idea, but I would have liked to watch it again (and again…) on my laptop or TV in the comfort of my apple shed. Fortunately, it seems that the other local mentioned above is apparently organising such a screening, so I will be able to see it again. But frankly, it’s not good enough. This film needs to go viral. Public screenings may be good, but I wonder how many of the 75 or so people who watched it with me in Hobart will actually get off their bums and do something?

I say this because something extraordinary happened after the showing…..  someone I don’t know (but surely Chris will) got up and made a speech about supporting the South Australian Solar Thermal power plant at Port Augusta, mentioning a BILLION DOLLAR INVESTMENT……..  obviously, some of the content of this film went right over this guy’s head. South Australia needs another billion dollar debt like a hole in the head….. some things never change. But it’s becoming imperative that we rid ourselves of the bankers claws.

The best I can do here is show you a trailer of the film, and maybe, just maybe, someone reading this will have the gumption to start their own local screening. Because this film is as good a template of how to start a revolution as you will ever see….