The Earth is full

7 09 2017



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8 09 2017
Dennis Mitchell

“This could be.” Yepp stuff six billion hungry monkeys in a room with one typewriter and ask them to write a climate plan that lets us keep jets flying. It could be!

9 09 2017

“The Wind-to-Hydrogen project, developed in partnership with Xcel Energy, features both wind turbines and PV panels that produce electricity, part of which is used to electrolyze water to make hydrogen.”

9 09 2017

What we need to do & won’t do is to STOP POPULATION GROWTH!

We won’t even try to stop growing because of RELIGION, our instincts & our “right” to have as many children as we want, these will garentee our growth until we collapse & now with 7.5 BILLION HUMANS, collapse is certain.

I was very dismayed to hear an otherwise intelligent person as Robert Reich promoting more immigration to provide the young bodies we will need to care for the growing number of old people!
NO, that will just add to our problems, not solve them after all those now young will become OLD so in the future there will be even MORE OLD FOLKS to care for & the “solution” will not be to import even more people to care for them!
As OIL declines, we won’t be able to feed our current population let alone a growing one, we will collapse down to perhaps 1 million people in the US, down from 320 million & anyone who still believes that “renewables” can replace oil is terribly misinformed & ignorant of the vast amount of OIL we use as feed stock for our manufacturing, agriculture & transportation.

“Renewables,” as I keep harping about on every blog I find, produce NONE of the essential raw materials we must have to survive now & those “renewables” cannot support the grid & like the OIL their made with, NOT “renewable” they are temporary.

They might keep your lights on but your going to be very, very, VERY HUNGRY!

9 09 2017
david higham

Yes. Even if atmospheric CO2 had no climate -influencing effects,with our
enormous ‘Bubble’ population dependent on depleting fossil fuels,we would still have William Catton’s ‘Bottleneck’ occurring this century.
Any attempt to increase the ecological knowledge level of the populace,
such as Dick Smith’s current efforts,are attacked by ecological ignoramuses like Van Badham in the Guardian.
What a century this one will be.

10 09 2017

You are stuck on oil . Everybody here is stuck on oil . You can`t get rid this idea of oil where there is UNLIMITED energy in all the world oceans locked up as hydrogen a clean fuel . This is cognitive dissonance you are locked up in

10 09 2017

You are deluded if you believe that the least dense molecule in the universe can power our civilization!
NO there will never be a economy or civilization powered by hydrogen.

Please do some research about why hydrogen cannot be used as a source or even as a carryer of energy, it’s a energy sink not a source.

I would suggest you go to or just use a search engine & please THINK before trying to fool people into believing there is such a thing as “free” energy, “limitless” energy or any other such nonsense.
Someone fooled you, please stop trying to pass on such junk as an hydrogen powered economy.

10 09 2017
Jonathan Maddox

Hydrogen on Earth in this sense isn’t an energy source, it’s an energy *carrier* like electricity or liquid fuels. “Unlocking” it from the oceans means using some primary energy source to manufacture it from water feedstock, it doesn’t mean “energy from the oceans” at all.

All of electricity, hydrogen and liquid fuels can be made using fossil fuels as the primary energy source, or renewable or nuclear energy.

We tend to get confused with petroleum because it is not only the usual energy source for manufacturing liquid fuels, it *is* a liquid fuel itself. But most of the petroleum-based fuels we burn in our engines are highly refined and purified, often with significant contributions from non-fossil-energy sources like natural gas. We also manufacture liquid fuels from plants, from natural gas, from coal and (in minute quantities so far, but it is done) using CO₂ and hydrogen made from water using energy from renewable electricity.

Hydrogen actually *is* a primary energy source for nuclear fusion reactions in the sun and other stars. We don’t really tend to do that on Earth at all, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t what you were discussing.

10 09 2017
Jonathan Maddox

Population growth, while it hasn’t actually ended, is a solved problem. We are no longer adding to the number of children (under 15s) on the planet, so current ongoing population growth is only a matter of the ageing of people already born. My generation, born in the 1970s, outnumber our parents almost two to one, but our children scarcely outnumber us at all, and our grandchildren will never outnumber their own parents.

10 09 2017

Population growth is not a solved problem, except if all the other variables are constant and BAU can continue indefinitely. You’d have to be an economist to believe in BAU.

11 09 2017
Jonathan Maddox

Business as usual cannot and will not continue, if by business as usual you mean indefinite increase in gross material consumption.

Indefinite increase in gross material consumption is not required for fertility trends to continue.

11 09 2017

You are saying we have to have both. Pop decline depends on BAU, but it cannot continue. Well, it will continue, for a while. Then all bets are off.

11 09 2017
Jonathan Maddox

Low fertility depends mainly on low infant mortality, education of girls, and access to contraception.

My mind does not tie those advances inextricably to increasing urban sprawl, increasing food wastage, and increasing single-occupant commutes in ever-larger vehicles continuing to use petroleum-based fuels.

There can be growth in many things without requiring growth in all things.

10 09 2017
david higham
11 09 2017

Hans is a dreamer devoid of reality.
We can not share our way out of this mess, we cannot grow our way out of this mess & “renewables” cannot replace oil.

Making the very poor richer will only add to the damage we are doing & it will make it possible for them to produce MORE PEOPLE because along with better food, housing & education, we will continue to deny them SEX EDUCATION, BIRTH CONTROL & ABORTIONS.
By only having death control we garentee more humans will be added to an already overpopulated world.

I’m also angry at the BBC for advocating we eat insects (most recently maggots) to “feed the world!
We must STOP trying to feed MORE people!

How many times will we keep doing the same thing over & over again expecting the results to change? That is what the INSANE do!

The “green” revolution of the 1950’s was suppose to “solve” the hunger problem & we did succeed in feeding more people better but we did so with a TEMPORARY resource, STUPID & SHORT SIGHTED.
The result was more hungry people who now demand MORE FOOD but soon, we will not be able to feed them or us, then what?

Eat rats? eat bugs? eat your neighbors? eat the children? eat shit? then what?
Starve en mass.

11 09 2017
Jonathan Maddox

We have already stopped increasing the number of children on Earth. Mass starvation has been a perennial reality throughout history, and right now there’s a lot less of it going on than has been the norm.

Sex education, birth control and abortions are reaching ever larger portions of the human population. Infant mortality has never been lower. The fertility rate has never been lower.

Who’s the “dreamer devoid of reality” you’re railing against? Gilding, above? Rosling? Both of them seem both optimistic and grounded to me.

11 09 2017

His “optimism” is not “grounded” on reality, it’s grounded on FAITH. Resources are limited & our most essential resource, OIL is in decline.

Just who is this “we” who isn’t having too many children? The earths human population continues to GROW, it’s only slowed down a little, but if your ship is sinking, just plugging a few of many holes won’t stop it from sinking.

We are sinking, we won’t stop that sinking because we refuse to stop GROWING economically & in population thanks to religion, ignorance & obstructionist governments.
Trump cut off funding for the UN’s family planning counsel, thanks to him, more women will be forced to become & stay pregnant, increasing the numbers of unwanted children.

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