Peak Morons……..

27 05 2017

As someone not the least bit interested in investing into anything except the continuing development of the Fanny Farm, I read articles on the blogosphere such as the one below more as a form of amusement than anything else…… I really can’t be bothered doing the research to truly understand what is going on, I don’t need to; I know it’s a ponzi scheme, I know it’s unsustainable, I really don’t care anymore about all the suckers who will be bitten on the arse by their continuing stupidity.

What does amaze me though is how few people ‘get it’……. there really must be millions of morons out there, and according to Ponzi World, their numbers are, like everything else, reaching a crescendo, a peak of their own……  Pictures can tell a thousand words they say. Enjoy..!


An IQ test for who could be conned three times in a row by the exact same psychopaths, while worshipping the false idol of competitive consumption…

The DotCom bubble was based upon the monetization of the internet. The Housing Bubble was as an experiment in using homes as ATM machines. This is the moron bubble, based upon the ubiquitous belief that printing money is the secret to effortless wealth…

Post-2008, EconoDunces knew they couldn’t reflate the real economy since it was being arbitraged away for corporate profit, so instead of inflating the economy, they inflated asset valuations instead. Therefore even as the underlying economy was losing value, the prices paid for it would be gaining value via the fake wealth effect. This may sound like a good idea in theory, but it comes with some problematic after-effects. For those who already owned financial assets this was great, since it allowed them to cash out at higher valuations, assuming they were smart enough to realize this was their last chance to do so. Unfortunately for anyone who spent their hard earned money buying stocks in the meantime, they were paying prices that bear no relation to reality. The bagholder effect.

RepubliCons have amply proved for the historical record that they are the party of dedicated morons. This is not a political statement it’s merely a statement of inconvenient fact.

“Democrats expect a recession and Republicans expect strong growth”

Doesn’t Faux News warn these people that they’re being conned?

 Stock market cap / GDP:

Wilshire total cap index / U.S. Federal debt

Those with top-heavy fears might worry about the underperformance of one gauge linked to the S&P that gives more weight to smaller stocks, he adds. But it’s “not really a big deal” as the equal-weight S&P is up 6.2% this year, not that far behind the regular index’s 7.9% rise, he says.

“Once Trump gets out of jail, he will cut taxes. He said he would…”

Second loans, such as home equity lines of credit (HELOC), are booming. HELOC originations were up 10 percent year over year in 2016, hitting an eight-year high, according to Black Knight Financial Services, and they continue to rise.

Ironically, the new boom comes just as the pain of the last home equity line boom is ending. 

Good news, our mega bubble is intact, but the U.S. is imploding:

“The weakness in BMO’s Q2 results was largely a Made In The USA issue, led by a big jump in commercial loan loss provisions, but also impacted by a dramatic slowdown in commercial loan growth”

FP: Repeat After Me, There’s No Systemic Risk From Home Capital Group


“We call this threading the needle”

Wall Street:
“Don’t worry, we found a new way to make money, betting that Central Banks got this rate normalization exactly right…”

“…and betting that OPEC’s output cut is working…”






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27 05 2017

There’s actually quite a lot of entertaining stuff over at Ponzi World……

27 05 2017

“What it all comes down to is that no one wanted to leave the Ponzi party early, because then they might look stupid to every other moron. When it comes to being a dunce, there’s strength in numbers…”

27 05 2017

He’s a good writer and reminds me of Kuntsler a bit –
“Today’s working class has been systematically brainwashed into voting against its own interests. A steady diet of “adult” cartoons, Reality TV, and Faux News has rendered average intelligence down to a bowl of porridge. And in the meantime, history was conveniently “rewritten” by the Lost Boys of the Idiocracy to cast the robber barons of the Depression era as the good guys and FDR as somewhere between a communist and fascist, depending on the narrative. Of course, these Lost Boys – who are no more than bloated xBox playing children themselves, are as clueless as the day is long. They don’t know what happens to all of “this” when people can no longer afford to feed their children. At that point, all talk of greed-based ideology goes straight back into the garbage, where it sits and waits for the next hubristic society to come along, scoop it out, and use it as phony justification to collapse their own late stage economy.”

27 05 2017

Michael Hudson also has something to say about the parasites who do this to us;

28 05 2017

Thanks…. downloaded to a memory stick so I can listen on the car radio while driving or building..!

27 05 2017

Stupidity has no limits. There is always more stupid, there is always greater stupid. Where there is man, there is stupid.

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