Tom Murphy: Growth has an Expiration Date

20 02 2017

While searching for Tom Murphy’s latest post over at do the math (and he hasn’t posted anything new in months now, after promising to write an article on Nickel Iron batteries which I assume he must be testing…) I found the following video on youtube. probably not much new for most people here, but he has a talent for explaining things very clearly, and it’s definitely worth sharing.




2 responses

21 02 2017

Whatever way you look at it we are screwed. The whole stinking mess is coming down and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. No point in worrying about it, just enjoy the coffee while you can.

21 03 2017
Patricia blackburn

i really don’t think humans will be around to see 2100. i agree wth rabiddoomsayer….just enjoy the coffee, but not in a styrofoam cup…even if its just for good manners, like turning out the lights before we leave.

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