Feeding 9 billion

16 01 2017

I have just been tipped off to this fantastic Joel Salatin video…… I think it’s ironic that Eclipe, a fan of Polyface Farm, is in complete disagreement with Joel who is totally anti hi-tech farming. In fact, like me, Joel believes in walking away from the Matrix (exemplified in this video by McDonald’s), and he lets both barrels go at the establishment…..





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16 01 2017
Eclipse Now

1. Does Joel produce crops?
2. Do Joel’s pigs and turkeys and chickens eat crop grown feed?

16 01 2017
Eclipse Now

PS: I’m enjoying the irony of you enjoying Joel! 😉 Didn’t you once blame Christianity for the destruction of the earth?

“REDEEMING THE EARTH As the self-described Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic, Joel is finally being asked by more and more people in the faith community to articulate his down-to-earth understanding of how a Judeo-Christian belief system affects earth stewardship. Unlike a cerebral theological academic lecture, this performance explains the visceral function and appearance of a farm and ecosystem that acts as a visceral object lesson illustrating God’s attributes. Joel sprinkles Biblical precepts throughout to make the connection between the physical and spiritual. For example, the multi-speciated symbiosis used at Polyface Farm is a direct expression of how a diversity of gifts and talents should operate in a church setting. Building immune systems and water retentive capacity are physical manifestations of human stewardship. What are we here for? Among other things, we humans are here to massage God’s creation with our cleverness to stimulate more biomass generation from solar energy. Honoring the pigness of the pig creates a sacredness to the sacrifice necessary for life to spring from death. This presentation is as appropriate in a Sunday morning worship service as it is for a college ethics class.”

16 01 2017

What are we here for? Among other things, we humans are here to massage God’s creation with our cleverness to stimulate more biomass generation from solar energy.

FFS…….. you’ll believe any old crap, won’t you…. our cleverness is screwing your God’s creation.

16 01 2017
Eclipse Now

So we’re agreed then. One can appreciate the Polyface farm *method* without taking on *everything* the man believes, with you abandoning his theology, and me abandoning his hatred of GMO’s and technology in cropping. I actually think GPS robots that weed without vast quantities of herbicide are a *good* thing, along with GPS bots that fertilise with pinpoint accuracy and minimise waste runoff into waterways, or dozens of other technological innovations in Agriculture 2.0 / Precision Agriculture. So I disagree with him in some of his comments on areas he’s not actually an expert in. I’ll listen to the experts. But his respecting ‘the pigness of the pig’ and getting more cow-days per acre than other farming methods: love it!

17 01 2017

Simple living feeds ones self .. Small blocks and farmings reliant roughts are the problems, if Christianity is sounding similar that’s because they’re all about the good!! The way technical ideation is chosen to be used is far from the introduction of the wheel. Do you think if impregnated one day I may produce a lamb to feed my neighbour because that’s how absurd animal farming is becoming and what’s more I would be doing my bit for population control.

20 01 2017

But almost at the end at 13:33 he has a interesting point.

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