Hartz Mountain….. all the way to the top!

8 01 2017

Since getting down here on the Huon, and speaking to the many locals who have made it to the top of Hartz Mountain, I have been saying that before I die, I have to climb this local icon…. and yesterday I did!


Those stains aren’t nicotine…. they’re sweat..!

I’ve visited this National Park many times now, and when I took la p’tite Charlotte up there last year on an unprepared walk without food, we got very close. I thought the views were amazing from Hartz Saddle, but from the top, they are truly stunning.


The weather forecast was for a stinker, and neither I nor the current American wwoofers were too keen on working at the Fanny Farm that day, so we opted to climb to what we thought would be a cooler climate……. it was a stinker anyway, even up there.


On the drive up the mountain, we came across a young Nepalese couple who’d skidded off the road. Beats me how they managed to do that, but they were lucky that I still had my log dragging chain on the back of the ute, and we had them back on their merry way in no time at all….

As I expected, the place was full of tourists, and, amazingly, locals wearing jeans…. in this weather..? It also occurred to me that it was a very very long time since I stood atop a mountain. I can’t even remember which mountain it was I last climbed… apart from the mountain of life of course..!


At the top there were twenty six people, including the three of us. It was like Grand Central Station, only with a much better view. The old legs are a bit sore this morning as I write this, but it was all worth it…… Enjoy the photos.



Federation Peak…….




8 responses

8 01 2017

My wife and I attempted it in December – then the strong wind arrived and had to turn back at Ladies Tarn. I’m envious. Made it to Cape Hauy a few days later.
Peter Adelaide.

11 01 2017

Yes the weather is fickle here…. it can change in a matter of minutes.

8 01 2017

Well done sir!

8 01 2017

What Bob said

8 01 2017

Ditto that

9 01 2017

Me too!

10 01 2017

Mighty effort!

14 01 2017

Some of the rock shapes up there are amazing. I thought they were man carved the first time I saw them !
Did you add a rock to the fort or Sanger at the top ?
It’s the last defensive post of southern Tasmania against the mainlander climate change refugee hordes who will swamp Tasmania when it goes permanent fried up in Southeast Asia & the mainland.

Unless …

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