Charlotte’s day off…….

4 12 2016

La p’tite Charlotte, Hartz Pass

Having been here for a month with little time off (her choice, not mine….), I thought it would be nice to take Charlotte for a walk up Hartz Mountain on a splendid early Summer’s day in Southern Tasmania.  I hadn’t particularly planned anything, so armed with just a water bottle each and my trusty Nikon over my shoulder, we headed off for the hills……

tarnCharlotte has experienced little of Tasmania so far, just both sides of the Huon which she shared while Fanny (who is currently on the overland track between Cradle Mountain and Lake StClair) was still with us in Geeveston.

tarn2Being quite a little greenie, la petite Charlotte, as she likes to call herself, was I think blown away with the scenery our neck of the woods offered up today. There is of course nothing like it in France, it’s virtually impossible to get away from people, anywhere in Europe…… but here in Tassie, even with the park’s car park chockablock with cars, it still feels like you’re the only person on the planet.

I’ve often said I want to climb Hartz all the way to the top before I die (before the oil runs out…?), and we almost did today…… and would’ve done quite likely had I had more than one piece of toast for breakfast and brought some more food along for the walk!

Unlike other times I have visited Hartz, usually in winter looking for snow, today was filled with wildflowers and other beautiful attractions. It almost felt like I hadn’t been there before…….hartzflower

alpinegumAs they say, it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey…. So enjoy the photos, we did.


The Summit. So close… to do another day……

From Hartz Pass, you also get the most amazing view of the South West Wilderness area…. one can only imagine how much better it looks from the top!


From here, you even see Federation Peak…….




One response

7 12 2016

I went up in October 2012 and November 2015, hot sunny & clear days both times.
But 2015 was drier with the small ponds the walkway passes over dried up.
And on the top is a small rock sangar, the last bastion to defend against the climate change hordes, pushing ever southward, south, south to antarctica …

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