The last of the Macrocarpas…

9 11 2016

Having cut down forty something trees over the past twelve months, I disappointingly discovered that the house site was still being shaded in Winter by another five examples of those darned Macrocarpas….. and as the sawmill is still on our property, I approached its owners to see if they would be interested in milling more wood. Furthermore, at least two (three really..) of the trees left were problems for me. One was a ‘forked’ tree, with one half leaning towards the dam, while another had a serious lean towards one of my fences.


Cutting the first Siamese Twin


You can see bark right around the 2nd twin…


I’m getting good at cutting trees, but I have
to admit to limitations, I am still no expert. So I approached Pete to see if he’d be happy to cut them for me.

Yesterday, he turned up with his array of chainsaws, and a very long rope…. I had already ‘prepared’ the forked tree by removing two very heavy branches that pulled the tree towards the dam.

20161108_160138Originally, Pete was going to ‘tie’ the two sections together and fell them that way, but on close inspection, he reckoned that they were two separate trees that grew closely together, joining at the base like Siamese twins. And it turned out he was right! Felling them together would have been very dangerous, as they would have split apart at the base, and it’s anyone’s guess what would have happened as they fell…..

20161108_160313Pete’s strategy to fall the trees leaning the wrong way to where we want them to fall is to basically tie a long rope up the tree, and pull the tree in the ‘correct’ direction with my four wheel drive, which has been earning its keep lately with the wet ground slippery as you know what! Plus, it moved the crowns out of the way with the greatest of ease, and pulled the milling logs into position. I now wish I’d bought one of these cars last years instead of waiting for Sid to help with his tractor……

I can report that everything went perfectly well, and that I am now finished with cutting trees down; it’s a real relief, let me tell you. I have more interesting things to do now… like building a house and growing some food.

I currently have another young French wwoofer who is most helpful at removing all the trimmings Pete and I cut off the logs, and stacking the firewood left over from the milling sections…. all in all, a great afternoon’s work, and in glorious sunshine for a change..




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