Why is emergency-scale climate action necessary?

24 09 2016

From climatecodered.org

The world now faces a climate emergency. Our scientists tell us. We know it. Slowly the political elite are realising that the current international climate policy-making paradigm is dying of failure. Recognition of the climate emergency is now written into the platform for the Democratic Party for the 2016 US presidential election.

So how does our scientific understanding guide as to constructing a new way of looking at the challenge, as to what is happening, what is safe, and how we should respond? The Victorian Climate Action Network held a workshop on these questions on 11 September 2016. The slides below were the contribution by David Spratt to the first session, which asked the question ‘Why is emergency-scale action necessary?’





4 responses

24 09 2016

There will be a lot more words and alarm as time goes by, but nothing will change in any substantial way. Corporations, businesses, governments and the majority of ordinary citizens in developed countries won’t be willing to make the necessary sacrifices and the whole world economy is far too vested in the current way of doing things. The best that any individual can do for themselves or their offspring is to do similar to what Mike is doing.

24 09 2016

Exactly… the question of ‘Why is emergency-scale action necessary?’ is totally & utterly pointless when we haven’t even yet answered (yet alone found a solution to – not that I think there is one) the question of ‘Why is humanity incapable of enacting any meaningful change?’

And there’s you’re problem, these types like Mr Spratt either assume or truly believe we are capable of such change… despite all of the evidence to the contrary!

26 09 2016

just discovered this blog am wondering if you can direct me to some of mike’s previous posts where he articulates what he is doing. thanks

26 09 2016

Hi Mike…….

At the right of the blog page, there are chronologically grouped posts, the currently most read posts, and a ‘cloud’ of topics for when you wish to read articles of a more specific nature….


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