Humus – the essential ingredient

1 09 2016

Last night, I attended the Huon Producers’ Network’ AGM, and at the end they showed this 20 minute TedX talk by Graeme Sait whom I knew fairly well due to my involvement with Permaculture Noosa….. what Graeme doesn’t know about soil isn’t worth knowing as far as I’m concerned.

Why I wasn’t aware he was part of this Ted talk which is now three years old is beyond me, but I guess you can’t be aware of everything. I even recognised a couple of faces in the audience…!

The core message of this talk is so important, I decided to put it up here to share it with all my followers. If there’s anything that needs changing, it’s our farming practices. We must change from farming for money to farming to improve soil. Improve the soil, and the money side of things will simply fall into place (for as long as money remains ‘a thing’!). But the real message here is how we could alleviate the worst of climate change by altering these practices…





One response

1 09 2016

We live on a 730 square metre block as far on the fringe as my wife will let me go. Over 25 years I have built the soil up about 3 inches from the bare earth left behind after the build. Most of it is grass at the moment as I am unable to do much gardening,
My wife complains when we get mushrooms after rain and also complains about the little lumps of soft squidgy dirt left by worms at any time it is not 45 in the shade. Spray something she says, so I do.

A very watered down mix of Charlie carp, compost tea and manure tea goes on each time, sprayed from a acquired well washed out bindii poison bottle.

Oh to have 5 or 6 acres of sloping land to call my own.

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