The Day After…….

3 07 2016

Australia has voted, and we have business as usual. I shouldn’t be surprised of course. The ignorant electorate has spoken……

What the ignorant electorate had to choose from was Blue Jobs and Growth (BJG), Red Jobs and Growth (RJG), Green Jobs and Growth (GJG) and now the X Men (and one woman). The X men, Nick Xenophon’s Party, also want jobs and growth (XJG), specifically in Whyalla.

As I said to someone who congratulated themselves for campaigning so well, at the end of the day, we’ll have business as usual. At the end of the day, we also appear to be heading for a hung parliament, possibly the best result under the circumstances, none of them deserve to be in power….hungparliament

The lack of understanding of the true future in store, the kow towing to the Matrix, the influence of the Murdock Press, and the sheer momentum of the monetary system has led us to utter lack of vision.

Even with their best ever campaign performance, the Greens hardly made a dent. When I stood for election in 2001, I was thoroughly congratulated for getting 6% of the vote. I was bitterly disappointed. A solid month out of my life, campaigning every day, for 6%..? And here we are, fifteen years later, and the vote’s gone up by 4% (more in some seats obviously..), and the Greens are still congratulating themselves. In one election, the X Men have done better than the Greens have done in four or five….. you’d think that by now it’s clear the electorate does not care. The Greens’ message has reached saturation point, and unless you’re a dyed in the wool greenie, you ain’t gonna vote for them, not even when thoroughly pissed off with the rest.

hungdemocracyEven if they fall over the line in Batman and Melbourne Ports, their influence will be very limited, the reds and the blues will just gang up on them…. The Greens’ leader Richard Di Natale says Australians are looking for a change, but all they’re doing is more of the same only a different colour. The change we need, as we fast run out of time, is on such a scale nobody even dares to contemplate it……

In the last few days of the election campaign, everywhere I went on the internet was peppered with Greens ads. I was impressed actually. The three word slogan (which is about all the electorate understands) “Save the Reef” was everywhere. Clearly, Australians don’t care if the reef dies. All they care about are Jobs and Growth. They don’t, seemingly, even care about green jobs and growth much at all.

Malcolm Turncoat may be finished over this result. He backstabbed the Abbott over bad polls, and now with the poll that really counts not coming good for him, possibly a ‘worse’ Senate (for the BJG Party) than before the double dissolution, a leadership challenge is in my view on the cards. God help us if the Abbott makes a comeback, he was by far the worst PM we’ve ever had, and that’s really saying something….

Not that I care. I realised the other day just how much ‘past caring’ I am….. apart from what happens to my family and closest friends, I’ve stopped caring.

The way things are going, by 2020 we’ll all be driving over cliffs in solar powered electric cars. China appears to be heading for a depression, the Saudi oil industry has laid off 50,000 to 77,000 workers, many of whom have not been paid for several months, and now, according to the IMF, the Brexit vote will have negative repercussions that will spread beyond the U.K. and Europe to the global economy. Good. All these good outcomes might slow emissions down.

How the Australian Jobs and Growth Parties deal with these issues will be mildly interesting, but nothing will happen ’til we have a major banking collapse, and that might even begin with Deutsche Bank, described by some as the world’s most systemically dangerous bank…….

How the jobs and growth parties will fund their promises under a banking collapse will be interesting to watch. The similarity between what happened to Lehhman in 2008 and DB today is simply amazing….. by then, jobs and growth will be a thing of the past, no matter what colour.

As far as I’m concerned, we’re on our own, and we should be actively planning for this. Plan your future, then work your plan…….. Voting no longer counts for anything, nobody elected in Parliament knows what they are doing.

ME?  Cynical…?  Don’t make me laugh……..



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3 07 2016

yep, disappointing … the Greens PR is up there, but they don’t really have a clue about so many things … they have an inner exclusive sanctum that resists outside comment … hopefully they give the people ‘controlling’ things an early retirement (on a VFT) and seek wiser blood …

3 07 2016

Your comment that the Green’s message has reached saturation point is important. It is significant insight recognising that people’s voting behaviour is unlikely to be based on one set of issues or principles. Green issues matter a great deal to me but I wouldn’t vote a Green into the lower house (if it were possible in my electorate) because I also perceive problems with the overall Green Party approach.
A lot of people are torn. I was with a local Liberal party identity who is also a mover and shaker in the fight against coal mining in our local area. His sentiments are more NIMBY than climate change but I was still surprised that his party affiliation had not weakened.

3 07 2016
Brandon Young

I think the apparent constraint on support for the Greens is caused by the consumption of commercial media and advertising by the overwhelming majority of the population.

Forgive the stream of mixed metaphors to come, but commercial “news” services are the bad cop or the downers, instilling consumers with artificial fear and anxiety. Advertising is the good cop or the uppers, instilling consumers with artificial desires. Together these levers ratchet up consumption as people try in vain to allay the negative emotions by satisfying their implanted desires, they reinforce delusion about what is really happening in the world and thereby create space for corruption to consume the real world on a global scale, and they relentlessly encourage people to seek comfort in the flock – to consume like others, to behave like others, to believe like others, and to try to climb the ladder of status within the flock.

So the fact that people are manipulated relentlessly into this flock means the Greens are not just up against the major parties that are beholden to the financial-corporate system, they are up against the relentlessly reinforced propaganda of consumerism itself. Consumerism has been metastatic for decades, and has manifested itself into every corner of the average consumer’s psyche and day to day experience.

The odd clever campaign by the Greens can not overcome this all pervasive disease of the human spirit, relentlessly building up artificial desires which can never be truly satisfied in any meaningful and enduring way. The more dispirited a consumer becomes, the more urgently the artificial desires are pursued, even if it means going into massive debt and so serving the financial-corporate system perfectly, and the greater the soullessness of existence becomes.

So, it is pretty much impossible for people to slow down and become conscious enough of the real world, in order to seriously reevaluate their political, economic, social and environmental values, while the torrent of consumerist propaganda rages within their own minds and throughout most of the society they are interconnected with. And if people are unable to slow down and reevaluate, they have no opportunity to switch to the Greens.

If the truly progressive forces in this society are to make any headway at all, I think there needs to be concerted effort to get people to switch off advertising altogether, to switch off commercial news services altogether, to understand how they are being systematically manipulated, and to understand that being part of the flock only seems to be the way to go because of the relentless conditioning of artificial fear, anxiety and desires.

In other words, they must be given enough information about how the Matrix works to subdue and delude the flock, and enough incentive to want to opt out.

Many thinkers outside the consumerist bubble are of the view that a major shock of some kind is needed to wake people up to the reality that being in the flock is the problem rather than the solution. My view is that a negative shock only spooks the flock, making it draw in ever tighter, and in times of desperation usually under the most autocratic hierarchy of power available. Or to mix metaphors even further, for the school of fish to frantically contract into a bait-ball, ready to be picked off at will by predators of many kinds from all directions.

So in my view, and this is going to seem extremely optimistic, what is needed is a positive shock, something that stuns people with a sudden vision of a brighter future. Something that appeals to their deluded short term self interest and that actually would deliver that brighter future, for their world, their society, their community and their loved ones.

Some of us can see solutions, and I have described the ones I see once before on this blog, here:

I am not sure if the messaging around such solutions can be crafted into something that may provide a positive shock for some of those on the fringes of the flock, or how to even begin to go about that task. But if it could be done, then the Greens and other progressives could start to dream about a larger share of the vote, and the major parties would have to start drifting to the Left pretty quickly, in pursuit of their majorities – a far better outcome than the flock being systematically driven to the Right by the Consumerist machine.

3 07 2016

People don’t like the Greens because they put the environment second to gay issues. In fact if gay individuals can’t trust the greens to put the environmental issues first, no-one else will either. People understand that the greens don’t care about environmental issues, the PROOF is in the all or nothing approach – take us the gay green party all or nuthin.

Separate gay politics from environmental issues and then all Australians will have a united basis to work from. But NO the greens would rather slash and burn their natural environment as a sacrifice to what is really a gay political party manifesto with ‘save the cute puppies and trees’ as wrapping.

If you don’t get this, nor care about what is the truth about why the greens perform so badly, then you will never understand why when the electorate sees green, they only see rainbow.

Green or rainbow, you can’t communicate both. Today it is rainbow pretending to be green, and that is environmental failure. Hence the greens/rainbows are irrelevant to environmentalism.

Can the greens politically separate from social issues for the sake of the environment? No, then it is rainbow NOT green.

‘But once gay rights have been established in equality we can focus then on the environment.’ as if the electorate will let you get away with that. The political gay voice won’t fall silent.

3 07 2016
Chris Harries

I often wonder about this. Should the Greens declare that they have failed or should they do what all contenders do and put the best face on it?

A lot of what they do is for expected appearances. Admission of failure = selling yourself down. Consider to be very poor public relations. But on the other hand engaging in the system as if it is workable helps to legitimise that system.

Out of election periods I think they should be more up front about the real state of the world, even at risk of being ridiculed as doomsdayers.

3 07 2016

I think it’s high time people started realising how dire our situation has become…….

3 07 2016

all is OK, nothing to see here, move along, nothing to………….

Nothing will change till it is too late.

3 07 2016
Brendon Crook

It’s so frustrating and at the same time soul destroying to think that this is as smart & enlightened the masses will get before the end, apart from a few awake people such as on sites like this……………………………………..

The rest will herd themselves around MKR & Dancing with the idiots until the end.

The vote has been cast, the people have spoken………………………god help us……………….

3 07 2016

It’s a bit soon to say Brexit had an influence on events. But the malaise that set Brexit off, is the same for the rise of Donald Trump, and the partial rejection of political parties in this election. So I would say they are all harbingers of a change in the political landscape that is going to stir things up considerably from now on.

This malaise is seen in the disinterest of the politicians in the world of the average citizen, rendering them voiceless. It can be summarised by the dominance of neo-liberal policies, which we can see deliberately rob the poor to give to the rich. We see no growth for the average person and lots of luxury for the top table. We see no signs of recognition by the top end, in fact we see denigration, ridicule and indifference from there.

Brexit gave these people a voice, and they took it, in dramatic fashion. I see no going back.

4 07 2016

Australia has re elected Pauline Hansen. One of her first declared intentions is to set up a Royal Commission into Climate Change…… just let that stick for a while.

I don’t know how one arranges a RC, but surely she’ll be blocked..??

Stupid woman…..

4 07 2016
Blue Peter

G’day to all,
We live in a WIERD world and the more WIREDer,the more narcissistic, selfish and ignorant we are.

W. Westernised. (Americanised and America has exported a disease world).
I. Industrialised.
E. Educated (and the more educated to more ignorant)
R. Rich (Access to credit and debt, Debt takes from the future. You consume that tomato before it has been grown. Then in the future when a tomato is required it is gone, yesterday.
D. Democratic.

What say you all???

“The change we need, as we fast run out of time, is on such a scale nobody even dares to contemplate it……”
Yes a few of us do realise the change required.
The rest (the mob) will not give it up until it is taken from them by:
one fire at a time (mega fire).
one flood at a time (rain burst).
one drought at a time (dry rain). I like that one dry rain.
one tornado at a time (hypercane super storm).
one revolution at a time (it is not terrorism but revolution)
Until those of us that are left alive, wake up one day and this way of life has gone.

Therefore all I can do is bid us good luck.
Blue Peter……..

6 07 2016

Maybe we should have a “climate change lottery”.
Everybody’s in and 100 people win(well lose) every year.

When you win you are cut from the electricity grid, if you have any fossil fuel vehicles they are taxed at 4 times standard rate.
Water & sewage are charged 4 times the standard rate as well.

With big publicity of the draw the majority of people will start to worry about realising how dire our situation has become !?

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