Slowly, slowly……

23 06 2016

Winter is well upon us, two days past the solstice. The days are sure short now, sunrise happening well past 8am, and sunset before 4pm thanks largely to the hills surrounding Geeveston. With the cold days and fewer working hours, it seems not much work happens in Tasmania at this time of year!

At least, the sawmilling is all finished. The last seven logs laid around for three or four weeks while Pete fixed his brother’s badly built house, using, of course, the best weather to lift its roof off. But as they say, all good things come to those who wait.

house timber

It’s wet and cold and dark today, hence the gloomy look of my pile of wood porn…. there must be seven or eight cubic metres of the stuff now, enough, we hope, to build all the stud walls and roof structure. If I’m missing the odd stud, they’re easy to come by, unlike the 200×200 post and beams, and 200×50 rafters.

Tomorrow, I’m flying up to Queensland for a couple of weeks to help out while an extended family member is having an operation.  Plus, I haven’t seen my better half in months, even managing to celebrate her birthday and our 39th wedding anniversary 2,700km apart. I need a hug!

The power station is still not finished, even though all the batteries are now full of electrolyte, because, the people I paid to supply me with two HRC fuses have still not delivered……. they keep promising, but never deliver.  I’ve reached the stage I don’t even believe they even mailed them to me now such is their track record. While in Qld, I will see if I can buy them over the counter somewhere….. spares won’t go astray.

And then there’s the excavator fella…. you really have to wonder how these people stay in business.

First the machine blew a radiator hose.  Fair enough I guess, except I immediately noticed the machine had no coolant in the cooling system, a real no no these days.  Next weekend, he turns up with the wrong part.  The following weekend, he turns up with the right part, gets it going, even moves it…… when the water pump spits the dummy.  By now, I can’t help wondering how much damage has been done from lack of coolant!  Another week goes by, and the machine has only just been taken away for major surgery.  If this was happening in Summer, I’d be tearing my hair out.

My neighbours have been on holiday for nearly two weeks, and I’ve been house sitting – a nice change from sleeping in the shed – and feeding their pigs and dog.  They’re all still alive, so I must be doing something right!  Matt’s cows and sheep are on our land chomping on the greenest grass you’ve ever seen, and the dam’s spillway is actually running now. It’s nice to have proper seasons for a change.

With nothing much happening at the moment, and next door being away, it’s getting a little lonely around here, and I’m looking forward to seeing Glenda again…. even our kids will be there at some stage; thank goodness we can still do anything with fossil fuels.




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23 06 2016

Enjoy the sun and warmth Mike. This is the time of year when southerners appreciate Queensland.

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