A wake up call……?

9 06 2016

When I recently wrote about the spate of frosty mornings down here in Southern Tasmania, I mentioned that the high pressure system causing this was going to send bad weather to SE Qld, and that the rain might start again in the following week… what an understatement that was..!

Before settling on the Huon as ‘the right place’ to move to, I did a lot of research. This research told me that the Northern part of Tassie was more prone to fires and floods, and both have occurred in the past eight months since arriving here for good. In spades as it turns out.

While up north got hundreds of millimetres of rainfall, Geeveston barely received 65….. things have gotten soggy, the dam is full again, and I temporarily can no longer drive my ute as far as my shipping container – though I got close yesterday to store the last of the electrolyte I picked up in Hobart the day before… hardly worth a mention compared to the hardship, let alone the loss of lives others have had to endure through what has now been declared a national disaster. While it’s easy for me to gloat, this is clearly a case of when paying attention has actually paid off….

sydneystormThe whole East Coast of Australia copped it too before Tasmania was hit. The by now familiar pics of Sydney luxury houses teetering on the edge of the now not so Pacific Ocean have gone viral, and the arrogant “we will rebuild” mantra is making a comeback.

It’s difficult to not conclude that the people who lived in those multi-million dollar homes are climate deniers….  after all, nobody who understands climate change would, in their right mind, buy seafront properties like this.  Anyone in their right mind would be paying attention….  Anyone not reading The Australian would have known that the seas around the East coast were two degrees above normal and 20cm higher, and that the extra energy in those two degrees in the system would make the next storm event an extra bad one….. and it’s hardly surprising so many people look so surprised.

rain events

This is no one off either.  Elsewhere around the world, the weather has gone ballistic. Apart from floods, parts of India scorched under temperatures of 51°C. Yet, even now, climate change hardly makes a ripple in the running of the current election campaign. The Greens are making waves (sorry….) but all they can talk about is emitting more greenhouse gases to transition to 100% renewables.  Just as it’s fast becoming obvious, all emissions should stop, right now.

One woman I saw in tears on TV was telling anyone who’d listen that the loss of her swimming pool into the ocean was ‘unfair’.  I put it to you that the Earth thinks all our emissions are unfair too…… but who’s listening?

Will we the poor people, especially those of us trying our best to reduce our personal emissions, have to fork out public money to rebuild these people’s insensitive dreams?  Is this not throwing good money after bad…?

The time to rebuild is over.  It’s now time to face up to our stupid errors, admit to them, and retreat up the hill.  I fear, however, that it might very well take a few more of these events for these fools to wake up to themselves.

For me though, it wasn’t the millionaires losing their cool houses that brought home the wake up call message….. it was the poor farmers who have no choice but to live near rivers for watering their crops and animals, losing, sometimes, the lot… the effect of this weather event on food prices will not be felt for some time I expect, but as more and more such disasters become regular newsworthy items on TV, the cumulative effects will begin to be felt, I am certain.

Meanwhile, next month, Australia will elect another brainless government hell bent on jobs and growth, and we’ll all await the next unnatural disaster to make us feel guilty.





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9 06 2016
Dr Bob Rich

Fully in agreement, Mike. Sadly, climate reactions to atmospheric changes have a 30 year lead time, while human reactions to climate change have a 100 year lag time.

9 06 2016

Who exactly is this ‘Jobson Groath’ bloke that Turnbull keeps rabbiting on about?


9 06 2016

Jobson is a relative of Merven Ford, the one Julia Gillard kept going on about.

10 06 2016

Lol. Oh come on Kika. She didn’t speak that badly!

9 06 2016

My only quibble with your article is your suggestion that these events will become “regular newsworthy items on TV”. It seems to me that our TV reports are already glossing over climate related disasters. The major fires in Alberta, Canada, which led to the evacuation of parts of the city of Fort Worth is an example of very understated reporting.

9 06 2016

Tasmania’s population will grow exponentially as ever more storm tossed climate refugees risk their lives crossing Bass Straight. Save them from themselves; STOP THE BOATS!

9 06 2016

Wait until I get there, then stop the Boat

10 06 2016

Time to change the name of Collaroy to Canutaroy …
And in the gif of the sea level & beach front from days before to after the storm, well there was little beach already so even Blind Freddy could see that Murphy’s law meant that they had Buckley’s chance …

10 06 2016

Don’t gloat Mike. Here in Port Sorell on the north coast, we weren’t badly impacted, ditto Devonport and Ulverstone. Likewise the fires earlier this year were more inland and on the central plateau. Huonville can get flooding. Tassie’s worst fires ever, (1967 with over 60 deaths) were in Hobart and the south, and the bad 2013 fires were in the south- east of the State.

10 06 2016

You would be amazed at the difference in the climate between the Huon and Hobart, let alone the Tasman Peninsula……. someone I knew in Geeveson moved to Sorrell, near Hobart airport, barely over an hour’s drive from here, and the lack of rain there last Summer (and hence the associated fire danger) was unbelievable… the farm where he was living had NO GRASS at all left! I bought a tent there before Christmas, and the whole place was brown as, while everywhere around here was still very green……

Yes Huonville can flood, but Geeveston is not known to….

10 06 2016

I’m with you “rabiddoomsayer”…leave that Boat alone a bit longer til I also get there! I was thinking Penguin…maybe up and over the hill a bit!

10 06 2016

Elephant in the room? 7+billion divided into 1 planet doesn’t fit. That’s an extremely delicate downsizing problem though (somewhere around 2 billion should be OK), so let’s pretend we can fix the climate instead. Presumably given time the climate will resolve the population issue by default.

10 06 2016

The planet needs us like a dog needs fleas. We have failed to contain our own population explosion in the full knowledge that all population explosions result in a population crash – oops!

It’s a pity that its not only homo stultus that’s caught up in the Anthropogenic Sixth Great Extinction.

10 06 2016

Build a house right on the beach front and then put in a swimming pool….???? Privately glad she lost it!

10 06 2016

A beach front pool pretty well defines losing it.

10 06 2016

And I bet the pool (& spa?)was heated by a gas burner so swimming could occur in winter.

12 06 2016

I would reckon that land values in that area have definitely – dropped off. 😉

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