What a tangled web we weave……

28 03 2016

John Weber, whose excellent articles about the fossil fuels needed to make renewable energy I have published here before, led me to a Jo Nova item on her website titled Renewables industry collapsing in Europe.  Nova is the penultimate climate denier, as you will quickly see if you visit the link to her blog. She based her entire article of the following interesting graph……:


When I see a chart like that, I don’t see the collapse of renewables……..  I see the collapse of Capitalism!  The difference between Nova and I is that I am utterly convinced climate change will destroy civilisation and most of life on Earth as we know it, no matter how much renewable energy systems we build, whereas she thinks AGW is crap, and we’re wasting precious dollars propping up an unnecessary industry.

Now I don’t care how much money we ‘waste’, it’s all monopoly play money; but all the same that chart is interesting because we are continually told about how great Europe’s renewable energy systems are, how Denmark, or Germany, or [insert your favorite EU country here] generated 50% or 100% or whatever of its energy demand (when of course it’s only electricity demand) on some days, as if that was some great breakthrough…..

Nova makes interesting comments, like this……:

Here’s a detail that tells us how big the malinvestment is here. There are nearly half a million people in Europe working in wind and solar to generate expensive electricity:

Jobs are being lost as a result. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, employment in solar photovoltaics in Europe fell by more than a third to 165,000 jobs in 2013, the last year for which it has yet collated figures. Jobs in wind energy rose slightly, by more than 5% in 2013, to nearly 320,000 across the bloc, with more than half of these in Germany.

Imagine if those people were doing something useful?

Yes……. imagine if all those people were doing something useful, like ending consumption and running their own permaculture farms……!

Here’s $329 billion very committed dollars worth of vested interests pushing the Climate Scare. Unlike the fossil fuel industry their profits depend almost entirely on government policy.

As Oil Crashed, Renewables Attract Record $329 Billion


But does she mention the amount of fossil fuels subsidies…?  Of course not!

Here is a chart of fossil fuels subsidies……:


Hmmmm……  looks like it’s double the renewables subsidies to me. And that chart is now 3 years old, I can’t help wondering if it’s not doing a cliff dive of its own…. oh wait, it IS!

There’s one thing Nova gets right…:

Whatever you do, don’t graph renewables output in actual megawatts. Don’t graph it in CO2 tons saved. Never ever even mention the number of global degrees of cooling.

The rest is pure bias on her part……




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28 03 2016
Chris Harries

Jo Nova is one of Australia’s most ardent climate sceptics. She is the author of a sixteen-page illustrated text called ‘The Skeptics Handbook’ – distributed in the USA by the Heartland Institute. In 2009, she issued a sequel, ‘Global Bullies Want Your Money’, and in the same year she wrote a paper for the SPPI entitled ‘Climate Money’. She is also author of ‘The Skeptic’s Handbook: Evidence of warming, Climate Change: The Facts’. For children she published a book entitled ‘Serious Science Party Tricks’.

Phew!!! As we can see, she’s got passion, but Jo ain’t no friend of the planet.

It’s still worth picking out facts and I’m glad that you put her observations in context Mike. The problem for is that nobody has a solution to the human condition. Part of what she writes is true (renewables can’t save the world), but the other part (capitalism can saves) leads us deeper into the mire.

3 04 2016

Capitalism is eating the planet, the biosphere at least
Capitalism is eating the workers.
Capitalism is eating itself, destroying the consumer base. When the useless eaters stop eating, they stop buying.

Capitalism requires the belief that the future will be better. The realization that there is no future is growing exponentially, there will be critically in the loss of faith in the future very soon. The loss of easy energy is fairly easy to quantify. The entropy problem also gives a time line. The changing climate has been modeled to death (although increasingly pessimistically) .But the big unknown is the emotional tipping point and the dawning, in the general population, of the inevitable consequences.

The idea that a few wind turbines and a couple of PV panels will save us is beyond ludicrous. Civilization is going away and I suspect very soonish, but emotions are hard to model and change quickly.

The complexity, the inter-relatedness, the absolute absence of resilience (in so many ways the inverse of efficiency) and the complete global nature of our civilization means few will escape the collapse. A very few may survive.

Then with the stopping of pollution meaning the very fast loss of aerosols, global warming quickly becomes very much worse.

6 04 2016

“The complexity, the inter-relatedness, the absolute absence of resilience (in so many ways the inverse of efficiency) and the complete global nature of our civilization means few will escape the collapse. A very few may survive.”

I feel this also rabiddoomsayer, nearly all manufacturing & service industries around the world operate on the JIT (just in time) and have no more than a couple of shifts of parts in stock. Collapse ready.

When collapse does occur, shops have about 3 days of groceries,
Most petrol stations get deliveries 3 times a week and hold minimal stock,
the electric grid suffers from lack of maintenance
all seem set and are disastrous collapse ready.

The cities will collapse as people fight over first electronics and then food. Fuel will disappear into government control very quickly, as will major food warehouses etc. This will then collapse as troops/police etc will want to be with their families.

I see it a bit like the walking dead without the zombies.

MMMmm, an off grid, self sufficient farm with an unmarked but serviceable track to enter is looking good the more I look into it.

9 04 2016

Agree with all you say. But the family do not get it, either how bad or how fast. So if I go, I go alone. So here we are in the worst possible place of all, suburbia.

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