Cleaning up the mess

10 02 2016

I’m slowly working out who I can rely on, and who I can’t….. the neighbour who agisted his 30 heads of cattle on our land last year, in exchange for moving all my felled logs, has let me down.  Too busy he says….. Luckily, friendly neighbour on the other side of the fence has come to the rescue, again. As I said to him recently, there are two things I’m really enjoying about living here; the great dam, and the even greater neighbours!


Cutting and moving by hand to the big pile behind the ute

After years of lucking out with neighbours with whom we had nothing in common (with the exception of Dean and Tinie in Cooran who, unfortunately were not over the fence neighbours), we have truly struck gold with Matt and Cor.  More friendly locals will surface in later posts, you’ll just have to wait to find out about just how good this little community is turning out to be.

The felling of thirty odd trees was the easy bit, notwithstanding getting one hung up, and one squashing my new Stihl saw through my own stupidity…. but I think I have now finished my lumberjack apprenticeship, I’ve made most of the mistakes to learn from, and managed to do it without hurting myself, a real bonus!

The hard part is cleaning up the mess, and those macrocarpas are very good at mess.


The power of fossil fuels

Their branches are long and spindly, and very prone to tangling up in a big way.  This turned to our advantage when Matt pulled the crowns away, as the debris on the ground decided to get tangled with them, and dragging huge amounts of this stuff literally swept the ground clean.  There’s still small stuff to clean up, but I’m having today off after working my butt off yesterday, eventually hitting my chronic fatigue wall…… and paying the price today.


So glad to remove those crowns dangling in the dam

There are just two more cypresses to fell now, they are just too tall….  It’s unfortunate that the line of trees heads off to the South East from the house site, because that’s where the morning Winter sun rises, and I’m not putting up with the shading problems the likes of which we had to endure in Cooran.  I’m planning to replace them all with something less tall and more appropriate. All suggestions gladly accepted!

Yesterday’s exercise proves my old saying yet again – with fossil fuels you can do anything.  Just dragging one large crown alone easily saved me half a day’s worth of labour.

Tomorrow, the chap who will mill the logs into building material should show up to have a look…. fingers crossed he doesn’t let me down too!




5 responses

10 02 2016

sent the cattle back yet?

11 02 2016

Oh they were removed two months ago now…….

11 02 2016
Arthur Robey

Consider a swing blade saw to convert that wood into lumber.
Consider truffles.
My ideal morning in my dotage is to perambulate about with a little dog and enthusiastic grandchildren digging up these real treasures.

11 02 2016
Arthur Robey

I’ve bought 2 ha at Hastings bay.

11 02 2016

Wow……. that makes us almost neighbours!

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