Peak Farming….?

15 01 2016

As the financial system unravels, the weather goes ballistic all over the world, and the demands of a growing population increase the pressure on food production, breaking strains are starting to appear.  The perfect storm of Peak Debt, Climate Change, and even Peak Oil in its own pervert way are starting to even emerge in mainstream media. Except of course, they don’t call it what I call it, but nonetheless, the signs are here.

This appeared on the ABC’s news website this morning:

Rural Debt and Drought Taskforce hears calls for Queensland Government to set up own bank

Graziers struggling with debt in drought-declared North Queensland have lashed out and broken down in front of visiting politicians and economists.

The Rural Debt and Drought Taskforce met about 40 farmers in Ayr on Thursday to discuss what some called “criminal” and “disgraceful” behaviour by banks.

“You will starve — the whole country will starve” if governments do not “pull their heads in” and bail out the industry, one man warned.

People always look at me blankly when I mention food shortages in Australia……  ‘Is he mad?’  But there you have it, the farmers aren’t stupid.  AND we still have oil to farm with! What do they think……..  no, know, will happen when we start having fuel shortages?  And not too soon either the way the price of oil is going, now under $30 as I write.

The gathering heard some lenders were devaluing properties across the region by up to 30 per cent, forcing graziers to pay higher interest rates because the loans were now considered higher risk.

Nicole Foss was right all along, obviously….. deflation is here alright.

Taskforce chairman and Mount Isa MP Rob Katter again argued the Queensland Government should set up its own bank to takeover loans from private lenders.

“These things are effective instruments. They keep industries going,” he said.

Proof politicians have no idea.  Mind you, what else could you expect from someone wanting an ethanol industry?

Once upon a time, farming was about producing excess food to feed the masses. Now, farmers buy food in supermarkets, and work for money, trapped in the Matrix. Now I have an aware farmer for a neighbour, we have interesting discussions over the fence or over a beer or cider…. Thank goodness some people understand me, and what is going on…. otherwise we’d all go the way of the suicide wave happening in the Indian farming sector.




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15 01 2016

Most of Australia’s fruit, vegetables and nuts are now imported. We have opened our doors to countries which do not meet the standards required of our farmers, and are allowing the sale of our land to countries which will look after their own food interests first. The legacy of globalisation.

16 01 2016

The ability of banks to change their assessed risk for a loan during the term of a loan and then adjust the interest rate up should be illegal. I haven’t heard of a rate being adjusted down. It is being used in central Queensland to bankrupt (pun intended) farmers who have been making repayments as required by their loan agreement. Just another instance of the stupid capitalist systems errors.

As for foreign ownership of Australian farms: What happens when the Australian landmass (for whatever reason) can only produce enough food for our population? Will foreign owned farms be forced to sell their produce into the local market and at local prices. An instance of the corruption of a local market occurred where I live. About thirty years ago during the mullet run we used to purchase mullet roe, cure and smoke it as we considered it a delicacy. Within a few years we were unable to purchase the roe because all the supplies were sent off to Japan. When we said we were prepared to pay the same price as the Japanese we were told “sorry it’s all being sent off to Japan”.

The collapse of our civilisation will put paid to these stupidities.

16 01 2016

“Will foreign owned farms be forced to sell their produce into the local market and at local prices.”
No Don. The ISDR clauses in the TPP will mean that foreign businesses can’t be forced to do anything. We are losing our sovereignty.

17 01 2016

Hi Marg,

The question was somewhat rhetorical and was asked with tongue in cheek. In our corporatocracy, businesses would not be forced to sell anywhere specific regardless of whether ISDS clauses exist or not. We do not have democracy or sovereignty any more.

As I said ” The collapse of our civilisation will put paid to these stupidities.” Maybe the collapse will put paid to me to (getting too old). Hopefully the way I have educated my children will see them survive. We live in interesting times.

17 01 2016

I agree with everything you say Don. We have been sold out by our own dickhead politicians. We are in our 60’s. Like you, we have adult children – twins, aged 24, like Mike and Glenda’s. Hopefully what we are all doing as a family now will give them a better chance to survive the future

17 01 2016

Yes, Don, you’re absolutely correct. There’s no democracy any more. Like you , I have adult children ( 24 year old twins, the same age as Milke and Glenda’s.) I too hope they know enough to survive.

17 01 2016

Agree entirely Don.

31 01 2016

Marg, Don, as someone with primary school aged children and stuck in the city, I would be grateful for any resources or ideas of how to educate my children in this environment …… Damn, I really do need to get out.

1 02 2016

Greg, I obviously have no idea of your circumstances, so it’s difficult for me to give you advice that suits you personally. However, what we did with our twins, even before they hit primary school 24 years ago, was take them out of the city.

Cities are totally disconnected from the environment, and living on a farm is the best education you can give them.

When we made our move, I knew absolutely nothing of the things I publish on this humble blog, and now, knowing what I know, I would start by doing a Permaculture Design Course, and passing on the knowledge to my kids by implementing what you have learned and getting them involved….

Permaculture living is the only future we have left, and you owe it to your kids to be prepared for their uncertain future as much as possible…. and you will make mistakes (as I did!!) but that’s all part of the process. The time to start is now……

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