I’ve won the jackpot…….

15 08 2015

Well…….  no, I haven’t won a couple of million bucks, but I have an AGA lined up for Geeveston.  And what a find…. sometimes your stars just all line up.  For no particular reason, I jumped on Gumtree again the other day to see if there were any AGAs for sale.  They occasionally come up, which is how I got the one I used to finish off the range residing in Mon Abri.  And there it was…. not any old AGA, but a four oven version, already converted to wood!  There was only one photo of it on the advert, and it looked great, so, having money to actually pay for it, I rang Melissa to get the info I needed, and the one other thing I wanted, a wet back, is attached to the stove.  She sent me more photos, and I made her an offer she could not refuse.  


It’s not perfect, as it turns out.  The firebox is cracked for one thing, and both dome lids have totally worn out chrome, probably from decades of overzealous cleaning.  Because it has to be dismantled (by a secret society AGA mechanic of course!) to be removed from its kitchen, replacing the firebox will not be a big deal, though it might cost a fair bit depending on which way I decide to attack the problem.

Another AGA saga will occur, as soon as I can manage to do a return trip from Geeveston to Adelaide where Melissa will store the dismantled behemoth for me to pick up with the ute.  I guesstimate that I can have it re erected in working order in Mon Abri MkII for maybe $5000, or less than half the cost of importing a refurbished one from the UK, so all that driving will hopefully be worth it, fingers crossed no other surprises sneak up on me post dismantling.




The moving out of Mon Abri was sad, traumatic, exhausting, and, for its new owners, their first night will be one to remember, for all the wrong reasons……  a freak storm (in August?  what climate change…..?) that had wind strong enough to drive rain horizontally under the back verandah far enough to fill the gumboots against the house, challenged the flashings to such an extent rain poured into the house all along the clerestory window line……  something that had never ever occurred before in ten years of us living there.  The panic in Scott and Amanda’s voice when they rang to inform me of their terrible experience was palpable, and me……..  well I was speechless.  Firstly, it really had never happened before, and for this to occur on their very first night was just gobsmacking.  All I could think of was how they were probably thinking we’d sold them a lemon and done a runner…..

I grieve for my house now……  leaks and all.  My mother in Law’s house is freezing in the morning (even though it must be a full five degrees warmer there than in Cooran), there is no AGA to make my coffee on, and the chlorinated water has to be boiled before drinking (or coffee making!) so awful is its taste after drinking tank water for all those years….  Her kitchen, after my beloved one in Cooran, is an abomination, the hot water coming out the tap isn’t even hot…. how does anyone live like this..?

My sheltered life has been shattered….. may the next few months go quickly so I can return to it!




5 responses

15 08 2015

Sorry to hear about Scott & Amanda’s first night at Cooran. Just one of those things I guess & I know (& rightly so) how proud of that house you are. If I’d had the money I would’ve snapped it up.
I’ll always have great memories of visiting there. I’m sure Mon Abri Mk 2 will be just as awesome.

15 08 2015

Hi Mike,
Give me a hoy when you come to Adelaide if a hand is needed with the stove.

15 08 2015

best of luck with getting your new/old aga to tassie. it’ll be worth the effort, becoming the heart of your new home. hope it all goes smoothly.

15 08 2015

Thanks Sam I may well get in touch with you yet and share a Coopers…

16 08 2015

Nice, you also get to do the great ocean road round trip!

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