Halfway to 2 C — According to NASA, We Just Blew Past an Ominous Milestone

16 07 2015


2 C.

It’s the amount of warming past pre-industrial times that the IPCC says we should try to avoid this Century in order to prevent the worst consequences of human-caused climate change. It’s the so-called safe limit, even though there’s nothing really safe about it and we should probably be aiming more for a below 1.5 C target.

1 C.

It’s the amount of warming between pre-industrial times and, according to the latest data from NASA, the first half of 2015. In other words, temperatures during the first six months of 2015 are now at least halfway toward freeing some of the nastiest climate monsters in the closet.

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According to NASA GISS, June of 2015 was tied with 1998 as the hottest of any June in the entire 135 year global climate record. Coming in at +0.76 C above NASA’s 20th Century average…

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16 07 2015

This is just cherry picking again from the scribbler. We know that 1998 was a temperature peak that wasn’t matched again till 2007, because it is caused by weather+climate, not climate alone. He’s doing exactly the same thing now. He must know better, but he can’t resist the click-bait.

In north-east Queensland in June it was wetter than average (300 mm as against 125) and it felt a bit milder, but hard to tell – it certainly wasn’t 2-4° warmer. The polar icy blast that had it snowing on Warwick was felt up here too, shivering with 14° minimum. Tomatoes burst into flower in July – normal.

17 07 2015

“The polar icy blast that had it snowing on Warwick”

I’m just up the road from Warwick Dave and far as I know the snow only made it to Tenterfield. Mt Mckenzie got a dusting which apparently got “weather tourists” (thats a thing?) coming from all over the place, even causing a traffic jam!

Where’s up here? We’d be lucky to hit 14deg maximum today…

17 07 2015

Mission Beach.

16 07 2015

Your second paragraph indicates you are confusing weather with climate.

17 07 2015

That was a local weather report, obviously, which seems to conflict with NASA’s temperature anomaly data for June.

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