Greece, the Limits to Growth, and My Paper

4 07 2015

integral permaculture

My paper, “Patterns for Navigating the Transition to a World in Energy Descent,” to be presented at the upcoming Fourth International Integral Theory Conference on July 18th, is about resource depletion (“energy descent”) and the unsustainability of current economic structures, which may indicate we are entering a new era signaled by the end of growth.

In a recent post entitled “The Limits to Growth and Greece: Systemic or Financial Collapse?“, Ugo Bardi writes, “could it be that all the financial circus that we are seeing dancing in and around Greece is just the effect of much deeper causes? The effect of something that gnaws at the very foundations not only of Greece, but of the whole Western World?

Let’s take a step back, and take a look at the 1972 study titled “The Limits to Growth” (LTG). Look at the “base case” scenario, the one which…

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5 responses

5 07 2015
Anthony William O'brien

Degrow will be crash and burn. Our modern industrialized civilization does not, can not, do degrow. Collapse, massive collapse, is our future.

Willful, collective, blindness is all that is keeping us going now. The shuffling of the deck chairs has almost run its course and now the ship goes down.

The sooner and more completely collapse happens, the better our chances of survival as a species. Modern industrial capitalism is toxic to humanity and the biosphere. Carry on as we are for even a decade and the biosphere will suffer an extinction event far worse than the PETM. We on course to rival the end Permian.

5 07 2015

Anthony, I so agree.
The sooner this freak show ends the better,
The true deep sadness for me is the other species that are dying whilst we go shopping…………………………
I truly wish I was oblivious to what humanity has/is doing to this most wondrous planet & to me it’s a burden almost beyond words to be aware of it all.
This rapacious zombie culture won’t change until the only thing left are the smoking ruins of a car park.
A species that had the gift of consciousness, to perceive the universe as a whole has lost it all in a quagmire of brainwashed nature alienation & we’re taking species after species into the abyss with us.

6 07 2015

i agree with both the above comments. it is so sad to see how we are killing life on our planet, all in favour of our ‘lifestyles’ and our patriarchal system.

6 07 2015
Anthony William O'brien

“This rapacious zombie culture won’t change until the only thing left are the smoking ruins of a car park.”

Can I use that, it just get right to where we are at.

6 07 2015

I have 2 blogs which are nothing as flash as Mikes here.
I write my own work on them (out of sheer frustration more than anything) & put up other relevant posts from others.
As low as my opinion is of the human species there are a lot of good caring folk out there who are swamped by a culture of greed, superficiality& outright lies.

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