Time to move on

16 06 2015


Way back in November last year (I think – time has a habit of getting away from me) we put Mon Abri up for sale on Gumtree to merely ‘test the waters’.  On the same day, a chap called Scott put his house up for sale on Gumtree too. Which prompted him to start looking at what else was for sale on Gumtree without, I’m sure, expecting to find anything too exciting.  Except of course, as you’ve probably already guessed, he found Mon Abri….. Scott told me he was dialing his phone even before he had finished reading my blurb about our property, and was on site to inspect the very next day. The rest, you could be forgiven for saying, is history, except of course that nothing I do comes without a story!

Scott is an American, though, as you’d expect, if we’re talking, he’s not your average American. For starters, he did a Permaculture Design Course with Bill Mollison many years ago in California. For reasons he may even eventually expand on in comments here later, I guess he never found himself in a position to follow up, until now.  Amanda, his partner, is very keen on the goats and making cheese.  So we found the perfect buyers, and they found the perfect property!  It’s what I think a lot of people would look at as a meeting of minds made in heaven….  He even, in many ways, looks like me!

As Scott and Amanda’s house sale dragged on for what seemed like an eternity for all of us, we decided to try selling to whomever else might be interested in an attempt at expediting the big move….. I’m really starting to fret over the state of everything these days and I worry greatly about being caught out on a new project with difficulties getting the materials we need.  Or worse a global bank collapse causing a run on the banks and inability of withdrawing money

As a result of all the marketing, we’ve had a bewildering array of people through this place, and one thing I’ve learned from this whole exhausting experience is that you can almost never believe anything anyone tells you.  Actually forget the ‘almost’….

Take the last couple who came through here (they’re freshest in my mind!)…..  They rang me just as Scott and Amanda had an offer on their house they were willing to accept.  On the phone, these two sounded all cashed up (or at least able to get any finance necessary at the drop of a hat) and said they’d been looking at real estate for months and found nothing they liked, and it was all so depressing, until out of the blue they discovered Mon Abri.  They were literally frothing at the mouth in a nice kind of way of course.  Their kids were into permaculture, and lived just down the road in Cooroy.  He said if the place was half as nice as it looked in the pictures they were definite buyers.  A bit blown away, I put Scott and Amanda off for a few more days, thinking we might be able to squeeze another twenty grand out of our property, and let’s face it, rebuilding in Tasmania to this standard isn’t going to happen without a lot of folding stuff.  So, they came and it turns out he’s a beekeeper.  Tick.  She’s just recovered from cancer and is very keen to grow all her own food to avoid buying the poisoned stuff in the shops.  Tick.  But as they walked around the house, whilst they obviously liked it, I wasn’t seeing the enthusiasm so many other wisitors who of course never bought either had displayed….

It turns out, he owns a Mercedes SLK, and he needs a garage.  Untick.  At this stage trying to sell Mon Abri on the back of the argument that he may not be driving his car in five years time looks like a bridge too far…..  Was that why they decided against buying?  Don’t know, no longer care.  Someone else, a retired South African chiropractor who was admiring of our over height kitchen benchtops requiring no bending over to work or wash up and knew a lot about passive solar design, also wanted a garage for his son’s exotic Japanese sports car….  He said he was very interested, but never got back to us.  I particularly hated it when people put our hopes up only to totally let us down.  I’m sure glad that part of the emotional roller coaster is over….

We’ve had people come here who could never afford what we had, and knew it, but still put us through the exhausting process of preparing the house as though it was going to go through a House and Garden photo shoot.  One such person rang just ten minutes before the appointed time to tell us she wasn’t coming, we were out of her price range……  On the plus side of course, we’ve been living in the cleanest and tidiest house we’ve ever owned for the past six months!

Mon Abri is right now the best it’s ever been.  The AGA’s completely fixed, the old Chinese inverter has been dispatched, all the windows are restored, the water tanks are even full…..  If it wasn’t for the fact I’m already very focused on the next project, I know I would be very sad to part with what we’ve done here, and I’m sure I will shed a tear the day I drive away for the last time. Glenda is the one who is going to be the most upset about leaving Cooran…..  The reality of it all has finally struck.  And I think she has doubts I can do an even better job designing our next place.  But, we have a drop dead gorgeous block of land in Geeveston to attend to now.  Yes dear reader, we took the plunge three months ago, and kept it under our hat because we didn’t want anyone putting pressure on us to sell even cheaper than we already are.  More to come soon…….




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15 07 2015
Mon Abri – For Sale! | Damn the Matrix

[…] By all means read on……..  but if you were thinking of buying, I’m afraid you’re too late. […]

15 07 2015
Ben Pennings

Congrats! A shame we won’t be able to visit on occasions but very happy for you both. Looking forward to further adventures.

15 07 2015

Your next holiday mate…….. far from those pesky volcanoes!!

15 07 2015
Geoff Capper

Congratulations Mike, all the best with the next step on the big adventure!

15 07 2015

Thanks Geoff……

16 07 2015

Well done Mike. Glad it’s all going to plan. Looking forward to following the progress.

16 07 2015

you’ll have to visit once I’m ‘set up’..

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