North Africa meets British Cast iron

11 06 2015

Today is Glenda’s birthday, yet again.  It seems like only yesterday we broke the cob oven in for her pizza party, but no, it was indeed a year ago……  how time flies.  Unlike last year when we had gorgeous weather, it’s raining.  Not that I mind, it’s nice looking out to the mountains in constantly changing weather shrouding the tops in mist and ever tumbling clouds while the AGA hums in the kitchen….

I’ve wanted a tagine for years.  Yesterday, ALDI had one on sale, with a cast iron base and bright red ceramic top to match the rest of my cast iron cookware.  I bought one.  This morning, Glenda came downstairs and said she hoped the tagine wasn’t her birthday present….!  Well, no… but what I’m going to cook in it while she’s gallivanting at CQU and catching up with friends will be…..

I’m new to Moroccan cuisine, but cooking is cooking, and as long as you have the right ingredients and understand how food works, there’s no reason for this chef d’oeuvre to not work out.

marinading meat

marinading meat

I started by marinading four lamb chops in pomegranate molasses, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, cumin, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric for several hours.  No, you can’t make something this exotic with just produce that comes out of your garden, but it’s a special occasion.


grilled capsicum

Then I grilled eggplant sprinkled with chopped garlic, capsicum, pumpkin, and onions in the tagine base over the simmering plate of the AGA, moving the tagine base to the top rung of the AGA’s top oven for 10 minutes, and setting the results aside for later.


ready for covering

The meat was then browned in butter and the remainder of the olive oil from the grilling of the vegetables, and doused in the marinade that was left in the bowl.

I then layered the grilled vegetables on top of the meat, covering the lot with pomegranate seeds and topping it off with a lemon.  The remaining marinade was then spooned over the lot, and the tagine’s sexy red cover was fitted before the whole thing was put into the AGA’s bottom oven for a slow cook for tonight’s dinner.


I discarded the lemon and served it on a bed of cous cous with some steamed sugar snap peas and a glass of reasonably priced red, and it was superb……..

Ready to eat

Ready to eat




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12 06 2015


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