It’s AGA time again

3 06 2015

agabibleIt’s June, and Winter’s taken off with an early start.  No frosts yet, but it was 4 degrees this morning, and I was so glad to wake up to a warm AGA.  To top it off, my AGA Bible turned up in the mail this morning, and I’ve already picked out something nice to cook for Glenda when she arrives home again from Brisbane after a hard week at the office…… I mean University!

It’s full of clues on how to best achieve delicious results with a stove with no knobs.  Can’t wait to put it to the test.

If you’ve ever bought Asian food from a proper noodle bar with fairdinkum wok cookers, you will have seen a big hole with a raging fire covered with the wok for proper stir frying heat.  The boiling plate on an AGA is pretty hot, but it just doesn’t have the fire.  unless of course, it’s wood fired like ours!

I recently thought that if I removed the fuel filler plate in the middle of our boiling plate, my wok would fit nicely in the hole, and I could duplicate the noodle bar’s impressive fire cooker.

So tonight I harvested an onion, a chilli, a capsicum, and a good handful of Asian greens and coriander to go with last year’s garlic, turmeric, and ginger.  Tossed in some chicken, soy sauce, and honey from our hives, and voila, delicious honey soy chicken stir fry.  Serve with rice of course, or rice noodles….  Took all of five minutes to cook while I’m baching…….

I wonder if Amy Willcock will ever see my AGA fire pit…!





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3 06 2015

As I’m never likely to get hold of an AGA, are there any Australian made stoves you’d recommend? I recall seeing one many years ago called an ‘Everhot’ or ‘Everheat’…

3 06 2015

I’ve heard of Everhot stoves, but don’t recall meeting one! Thermalux stoves are made in Australia, but they’re a bit tinny compared to AGAs…. you can find them on the internet you know, I bought one recently, and the week before there were three (admittedly all over Australia!) and I’m selling the one I bought two weeks ago and it could easily be made to work if you’re handy and have a few clues…

3 06 2015
Anthony William O'brien

Sadly I lack clues

4 06 2015

There’s no easy way of saying this unfortunately……. but it won’t be the meek that will inherit the Earth, it will be the handymen (and women).

4 06 2015
Anthony William O'brien

Indeed. We talk of the few and it will be few that survive, but a different few. The survivors will need skills that were common but are not now. The ability to fix stuff is one, the ability to fix stuff without proper tools and proper parts.

The ability to see alternative solutions. Flexibility is critical, you see you plan you prepare and all that is good. What happens will be different from what you have prepared for.

The more you learn to live without support from society now, the more you will be prepared for living without a society that is no longer there.

And learn how to make a poultice.

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