Peak Oil by Country

28 05 2015

Just thought this was interesting……..

The Decolonial Atlas

Year of Peak Oil Production by Country Year of Peak Oil Production by Country

Peak oil is the point in time when the maximum rate of extraction of petroleum is reached, after which the rate of production is expected to enter terminal decline. There is a general consensus between industry leaders and analysts that world oil production has/will peak between 2010 and 2030. Many oil producing countries have already experienced peak oil.

This map shows which countries have peaked and which have yet to peak. It shows the estimated years of peak oil production for the top 25 oil producing countries in the world today.

Map by Jordan Engel

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3 responses

28 05 2015
Anthony William O'brien

Oil fields that use advanced extraction techniques maintain higher production then decline very quickly. The Saudi use of multilateral, multinipple sort of suggest they are sucking the scum off the top of the injected water in Ghawar. Ghawar decline must be close, if not already, and will be very steep.

The big oil reserves are tar sands that require huge energy inputs to extract the oil. The tar sand oil is referred to as dilbit, diluted bitumen. Diluted with products (naptha) from traditional oil production. As tradition oil declines further expect the cost of naptha to increase exponentially. Usual ratio is 70% bitumen 30% naptha.

Naptha is also one of the alternatives in the steam cracking process.

Did I say the price of naptha would increase? The current movement is down down, down, up. (one of the up pressures is that the Indian maintenance season is in progress)

If all we have is tar sand, we ain’t got nuffin.

28 05 2015
Chris Harries

This is about conventional oil. The USA is marked red but massive investment in unconventionals has given it a reprieve. They would argue that they aren’t red any more, but it’s a disingenuous argument, as we know.

In workshops I find it useful to talk about Egypt. One country that flipped from being a net exporter to becoming a net importer. And that’s when all it’s recent social and political troubles began. Instead of earning money from oil, they have to fork out, big time. And this has had major economic ramifications. And that has meant’ (amongst other things) increasing of food prices. And this leads a population that is not particularly wealthy to become very unsatisfied.

Egypt use to be the most rock solid nation in the Middle East, now it is simmering. A lot of political upheaval comes back to energy issues.

28 05 2015

Reprieve for the US Chris…? It’s still a nett importer…….

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