Ketosis, Ketogenic Diets & Cancer

10 05 2015

I thought this was most interesting and might appeal to DTM readers too..

Ancestral Knowledge for a Modern World

What is Ketosis?

Many people are confused about the idea of ketosis and ketogenic diets. Thanks to advice from uninformed medical professionals, this metabolic state is sometimes even viewed as being unhealthy. But, nothing could be further from the truth!

When you are burning sugar/glucose rather than fat for energy, your body is relying on sugar for fuel.  When burning fats for fuel, either body fat or fats consumed in your diet, you are in a state of ketosis and you are producing and burning ketones. That’s it! That is all that ketosis means. It bears repeating that the fat you use for fuel can come either from the food you consume or the body fat you carry around with you. When we breakdown fat as a fuel source it gets converted by our mitochondria into usable energy (ATP), just like blood glucose.

As a result of confusion surrounding the…

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10 05 2015
Crane Medicine

Thanks for your support!

10 05 2015

No worries……. I have, more or less, switched to this diet and am losing weight. Not that I was obese to start with, I’d just like to shed another 10 pounds….

I was recently away from home on a 2000 mile drive, and therefore did a lot more sitting than usual! Because I was away, I also ate out most of the time, something I virtually never do as I grow much of my own food. So I had loads of bacon and eggs/sausages for breakfast, burgers for lunch, you get the picture, yet, when I got home I was 5 pounds lighter!

Then, I put it all back on in a matter of a month. What was I doing wrong? I then thought, must be the porridge I have for breakfast, because that was the biggest difference between the two scenarios, so I went back to the fatty breakfasts, and lo and behold, I’m shedding the pounds again….. grains/carbs obviously don’t agree with me…

10 05 2015

Mike, your scales must be reading back to front, you know that modern medicine/health/dieticians all blame fatty diets for increased weight and heart disease. Study after study proves it.
There is nothing wrong with the grains and sugars you were eating in the porridge, it is the only healthy way to start the day;)

Seriously, I haven’t eaten cereal etc for years, the only grains come in the form of bread attached to a meat patty/bacon/egg/onion etc, plus the occasional biscuit.
Notice that the west really only started getting obese (whole populations) when we went low fat and substituted salt/sugars/soy etc for taste and texture.
Mind you it can go bad if you don’t eat fruit & veg as part of that diet.

12 05 2015

Hi Mike,
There are practical problems with this diet if one wants to be mainly food self-sufficient on a small property (not more than 5 acres) This area limits the number of animals one can have and also one’s ability to breed them.

If you like your bacon for breakfast then you will have to keep pigs. One sow and its progeny could produce all the bacon, ham and pork you could want, but you need to also keep a boar unless you are prepared to depend on someone else’s boar. I keep sheep on a five acre property and with only 4 ewes my ram is seriously under used. For most of the year the poor bugger just stands staring through the fence at those lovely ewes knowing that when he gets in with them in ten months time, there’s only four of them. Other animals will produce similar problems.

If you are planning on getting a larger property in Tassie this will not be such a problem.

12 05 2015

Thanks Don, I’m well aware of this already… our ducks breed fairly well, and we could have more except that the topography of this property makes having a proper dam almost impossible, and boy do they need lots of water… We’ve raised pigs here before, but bought them as piglets. An interesting experiment, but our 1.5 acres makes it difficult…. especially during a wet tropical Summer when they just make a huge mess!

As you say, we’ll hopefully fare better on more land in Tassie… we just have to sell first.

10 05 2015
John Doyle

A high saturated fat diet is a healthy diet – obviously in moderation as will all things.
I lost 3 stone in 18months with a high protein breakfast; steak, eggs, and tomato and mushrooms cooked in coconut oil almost every day. You get less hungry and end up eating less overall. Skipping lunch is easy.
I am much healthier as a result.
Re ketosis, my wife tried in in the Atkins diet in about 1970. but she didn’t stick with it.

10 05 2015

You’d probably like Gary Fettke’s FB page Mike – he’s a Tasmanian surgeon promoting this type of diet

10 05 2015

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