Where were you during February 1985?

3 05 2015

Mark Cochrane rattling our cages again….

Remember back to February 1985. Where were you?


Feb 4th, 20 countries signed a UN treaty outlawing torture – alas, the U.S. refused to sign it….

Feb 9th, Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” goes to #1 on the charts!

Feb 13th, the Dow Jones closed at the new record high of 1297.92!

Feb 16th, the founding of Hezbollah

Feb 17th, 1st class postage rises from 20 to 22 cents in the US (it’s 48 cents now)

Feb 19th, Mickey Mouse was welcomed into China…

Feb 27th, Farmers converge on Washington to demand economic relief.

Why was this month important in climate history? Well, it was the last ‘colder than average’ month the planet has experienced. For those counting at home, March marked 361 straight months of being above average. It’s like Lake Woebegone children… I haven’t seen the April records yet but I am willing to bet that it marked the 362nd month in a row with above average global temperatures. Anyone care to take that bet? Anyone?

That makes more than 30 straight years where every month has had a higher temperature than the average of the previous 30 years. Think about that. If you are less than 30 years old, you have never known a single month in your life when the planet was cooler than average. Don’t feel bad, I missed it too since it was the height of the Cold War and I was hanging out in climate controlled splendour on a boomer with no idea what was happening in the outside world.

We define climate as the average of at least 30 years of weather. A continuously rising trend in temperature makes a mockery of the idea though. The current 30 year average is obsolete every time the calendar roles around again. The last 15 years have been unlike the previous 15 years. Or we could use 20 year comparisons to befit Chris Martenson’ tagline for the Crash Course.

Thirteen of the 15 warmest years on record have occurred since 2000. The last record warm year was last year (2014). The next record warm year will likely be this year. Any guesses at when we last established a record cold year? Try 1911. No record cold for the planet in over 100 years. It would seem that the temperature records are severely skewed to the warm side.

Good luck to the Heartland Institute’s collection of so-called “real scientists” who will be desperately trying to convince the Pope that climate change isn’t happening or serious (link) before he makes a statement calling for strong action on climate change (link).

Everyone else should be able to see that the odds are clearly not in our favor for escaping the effects of climate change. Let’s stop pretending we can.



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14 04 2016
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