A Roadmap For The Land Access

22 04 2015

Another gem….  this one’s from William Horvath’s blog, and really resonates with me because I am constantly asked how our younger generations can ever duplicate our efforts on their own piece of heaven.  We baby boomers have really cleaned up, and it’s entirely at the expense of our kids….. so what are they to do?  I have reached the conclusion that only we with the wealth (such as it might be…) will have to assist in ensuring our kids do have a future, natural catastrophes aside of course, some things are out of our control, maybe even out of control altogether….  Anyhow, read on and see what William thinks.




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23 04 2015
Anthony William O'brien

Even a little extra each month makes a huge difference when paying off a mortgage. If you are paying $500 a month and interest is $490 a month then $10 extra takes a whole month off the other end. An added advantage is the amount paid in advance is often re-drawable if times get really bad, there is such a difference psychologically between not attacking your savings compared to touching the mortgage.

23 04 2015

What we do also is pay fortnightly rather than monthly…. and some months actually give you the opportunity to make three fortnightly payments and the difference in the interest charged in the following month is appreciable…..

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