The crises of Capitalism

26 03 2015

This another very good video about the crises of capitalism.  But I find it amazing that Limits to Growth is left out of this.  Limits to Growth will DESTROY Capitalism, and in the very near term to boot.

This video’s maker purports, I presume, that he sees ‘the big picture’, when in fact he’s only seeing the money side of things.

Great cartoons, often humorous, worth watching, but what do you think…?





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26 03 2015

You are right – factors like Fractional Reserve Banking and Derivatives have a place in the cartoon already, they just weren’t expanded on, but Limits to Growth is missing altogether. Almost all the limits being bumped into can be overcome by the application of more Energy, but the limits on Energy can’t be overcome that way.

The author could argue that Limits to Growth is part of the debate that he is calling for, but there are various things about limits that we already know enough about, that we don’t need to debate them, we can already state them:

With Oil being the energy behind 95% of all transport, and Peak Oil being here right now, it is obvious that Globalisation is the wrong strategy, and More Roads and Airports is energy wasted, and More Suburbs will never be a smart solution even if the houses and cars weren’t bought on credit.

With Coal and Gas getting very close to their limits, generation of Electricity is threatened, and without it all the complexities of modern civilisation will collapse.

If Renewable/Nuclear Energy is to take over, the amount of fossil energy needed to build all the infrastructure will be massive, and is simply not going to be available.

When you start the debate from that point, the only argument can be over how quickly we implement The Simpler Way. And since TPTB get their money and power from Growth strategies, they don’t want to have the debate at all. Hence we will continue with BAU until we drive off the cliff with our foot pressed hard on the accelerator.

28 03 2015

Well said Dave. It’s not just TPTB who don’t want to have the debate. It seems to me that the overwhelming majority of people in the street don’t want to know about it. They are addicted to consumption ( maybe women even more than men?) and derive too much pleasure from shopping.

26 03 2015

Here is another video “Capitalism Is The Crisis” that people may enjoy.

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