Forest of Dreams: climate change, forestry, carbon sequestration, breed the mare

19 03 2015

David E. “Jason” Rutledge was born in 1950 to a sharecropper’s daughter, a Cherokee descendant and native Virginian. Raised by grandparents who made their living from the land, Jason has been a lifetime farmer, father of four, and has spent the past 30 years practising sustainable forestry. Since 1981, he has been raising and training Suffolk Punch draft horses, integrating them into his forestry practices. In addition to being a charter member of many sustainable forest interest groups, he is co-founder of the Healing Harvest Forest Foundation, a group that promotes restorative forestry. He has written many articles and been featured in the media while also participating in many educational workshops and demonstrations pertaining to rural issues. Over 200 people have received his training in the skills necessary to practice modern horse logging and restorative forestry. A guest lecturer on forestry issues at educational institutions across the country, Jason says, “One of my most important goals is to define the forest in the context of restorative forestry, so that the listener never sees the forest the same again. The same can be said about working horses. My greatest opportunity in life may be the chance to address young people about our best efforts to improve our chances for a sustainable future.”




One response

19 03 2015
John Doyle

It’s all too little too late [unfortunately]. our “civilization” is way too far descended into waste and superfluous consumption and the only solution is to crash out of it. It’s ordained, not theory. We should be noticing it already but soon enough we will see it as obvious.

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