Pulling the plug, part 1

2 03 2015

I found this very compelling, especially the bit about working….

“Down-work, un-work

More work is the source of evils like resource depletion and stress and pointlessly complicated lives; the Earth needs us to stop working so hard! The less we work, the less we feed the Machine. Our work aids the plunder, our de-working slows and stops it, one person at a time. This is why Babylon has always reinforced the message that work is virtuous and important even as it was inventing pointless busywork, harmful work, useless work. Let’s celebrate “Freedom from Labor” Day! Working more is not the way to leisure. Leisure is the way to leisure. Find it before the Machine uses you up and spits you out.

Working less will give the earth a break and repatriate you from ratdom back to humanity. There is plenty of work out there for those who want to do real things, useful things that matter. Once we shed debts and provide ourselves with paid-for basics, money is a small part of the picture. Well-being is what matters, not cranking out a pittance while the planet is plundered more and more. What we need is a “less work ethic”! Less work, less planet being used, more life.”

Leaving Babylon

 We can refuse to participate in a dead society gone shopping.
— Joe Bageant

Once we understand what feeds it, it becomes possible to think of stopping the Machine. I puzzled over this one for a long time, only to suddenly grok the obvious: the fodder for the Machine is our precious life energy!

Eeww… eewww

So then. Deny it its coveted fuel: your effort, your attention and interest, your money, your loyalty, your goodwill and your good ideas. Deny it your streams of energy, one by one. Direct them instead to the Lifeworld. And don’t shout it from the rooftops! Just blend discreetly into one of the various subcultures experimenting nowadays with a saner way of life; the minions and guardians of the Machine will never even notice you.

This is the crux. Any machine can withstand tinkering, but no machine can run without fuel. Like an old mill on…

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One response

3 03 2015
Anthony William O'brien

Doing serious de debting, Ready for de working, unshopping ready for that too (a corollary of decluttering), un vote not exactly I am voting Green (although you are right, a few solar panels are not going to save us)

The beauty of the way you express it here is that it can be done one little step at a time. Thousands of tiny steps that add up to a big change. People might not be ready for an instant full alternative lifestyle but can make changes in that direction. After realizing that a little less is better, they can try a further reduction and then some more. They might not be ready for the back yard jungle, but having the lawn a little less manicured is a start, after all a bit of height on the lawn does protect it.

I might not want spiders beside my hot water tank, but having a zero balance on the credit card is great. You can tailor expressions of desirable change to the audience.

Spiders beside the water tank is OK too.

Rabid Doomsayer

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