Living in the Belly of the Beast

22 02 2015

Yes…….  another video.  “Consumed”  Thanks to Chris Harries for pointing this one out.



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22 02 2015

In someways hopeful; but in reality too little, too late. We have been a very destructive species for a very long time. Since the naked ape exploded out of Africa and destroyed the worlds mega fauna, learn t Agriculture and destroyed even more and now with industrialized everything are destroying the little that is left.

I keep hearing that we are on the cusp of an extinction event. Bullsh@t I say, we are 70,000 years into an extinction event and on the cusp of the final nasty stages. So much has already gone, but now the losses are measured on a daily basis that we finally start to notice.

The land is dying and the oceans are dying. All too soon we will learn that we will not have people without a biosphere. Without people there is no economy. Although I do think it will be in the reverse order, the economy will go first, then civilization and perhaps then mankind. If the economy goes quick enough, the maybe mankind can persist but not in the billions.

(if this has posted multiple times can you please delete the copies)

22 02 2015
John Weber

Zombies, the ultimate consumer.

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