To Collapse or Not To Collapse

21 02 2015

This is a great debate from the Sustainable Living Festival featuring David Holmgren, George Monbiot, Nicole Foss, Philip Sutton, and a couple of others I don’t know like Jess Moore and George Marshall…..

The SLF Great Debate presents

To Collapse or Not To Collapse, or Sucking Beer Out Of The Carpet according to Nicole Foss!

Pushing for economic ruin or building a great transition




5 responses

21 02 2015
John Weber

I am so pleased to be asked and given a choice. I’ll get back to you.

22 02 2015

Here is a great article about Tesla Electric Vehicles, serves to make the point perfectly.

22 02 2015

Thanks for that great piece Lindsay…..

28 02 2015

This ‘debate’ was a bit of a joke. As if the mass of people will deliberately power down and simplify their lives in order to crash the system! As Nicole Foss said, the economic collapse is going to happen anyway, mainly because of the inability of governments to recover from overwhelming and excessive debt.

28 02 2015

I agree. It’s a measure of how stuffed we are that even in a forum like this 2/3 of the votes were against crashing when they should have realised we had no choice, even when the audience would not be considered ‘mainstream’ in that they were attending a supposed ‘sustainability’ event…….

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