More videos on ice melt and how doubt about the science is spread

16 02 2015

There is a movie coming out soon called Merchants of Doubt, after the book by the same name, that describes how a 25 year campaign of disinformation, largely by the fossil fuel industry, has successfully distorted the message and left much of the public in deep denial.  The methods used to cast doubt on climate change are the same methods used to cast doubt on cigarettes causing cancer.

The science is settled. There is no longer any debate. Climate change is real, and humans are causing it. They just want you to think there is still doubt.





4 responses

16 02 2015
John Doyle

Are these figures factoring in rebound? Scandinavia is still rising after 10000+ years. Rebound will exaggerate sea level rise because a lot of land below sea level due to the weight of the ice sheet will emerge.
I’d like to see some data on that.

17 02 2015

Rebound is about 1 meter of land rise for four meters of ice loss cover lost. Fastest in the initial plastic phase it will continue well beyond 10,000 years but at a much slower pace. The gravity effect of all that ice is also significant If Greenland lost all its ice the local sea level would go way down.

Isostatic rebound and the gravity effect are well understood and model-able. There are very many unknowns or at least not yet quantifiable, most of these tend to faster SLR.

17 02 2015

When you say “the local sea level would go way down”, you mean relative to Greenland’s current tide marks….?

17 02 2015

At about 15.27 on the video sea level at Greenland edge would fall 100 m if the Greenland ice sheet suddenly melted completely.

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