Mon Abri is still for sale…..

30 01 2015

We have probably got the buyers for our property we have been searching for…….  it’s just that it’s taking Scott (who years ago did a PDC with Bill Mollison in the US) and his charming wife Amanda ages to sell their property so they can move into ours.  In an effort to sell sooner rather than later, we have been ‘marketing’ this place privately, and we’ve had several prospects, but frankly people like those who read this blog are so few and far between, that the whole exercise is reinforcing my feelings we are royally screwed….

In an attempt at resolving ‘what we are doing wrong’, I sent some of them an email asking for feedback.  Some felt it was too far from where they worked, one who was downsizing from 100 acres thought the neighbours were too close (good luck with that…. less than 100 acres won’t give you the privacy you are accustomed to!), but one email blew me away, and I thought I’d share it with you…..

Hi mike
It’s the presentation. I will be blunt and honest. The home was very untidy and unclean and things like the stove and the heating with cobwebs and insulation hanging off is off putting. Also the window frames are old and very uneven so the sustainable aspect is lost. Lots of work would need to be done to the home to bring it up to scratch inside and out including garden area.
Hope this helps
Untidy?  Are we selling the crap in our house too?  And unclean, after we spent hours actually cleaning it?  Obviously this person was after a Noosa style house with gleaming shiny surfaces.
The stove (I expect she means the AGA) is 60 years old for goodness sake…….  it says so in the advert.  Did she really expect it to look brand new?  And the cobwebs on the hot water tank, which is hidden from view inside it’s own cupboard with an attractive (I think) mini orb corrugated iron door, is not on public display, I only show it to people as an example of a very clever idea that results in never using electricity to boost it……..  This country living.  Outside, there are spiders.  Lots of them.  And rats, and mice, and frogs, and toads, and snakes, and foxes, and millions of birds, and did I mention the snakes?  And the hanging insulation is a 5 second job to fix, it was only like that because I’ve been opening the door far more times than usual!
The windows.  I’ve been spending hours sanding all the flaky paint off and reputtying the glass for Scott and Amanda’s benefit, I expect now, and today I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as I start painting the last four……  HOW the sustainable aspect is lost when I recycle old windows is beyond me.  Not only that, but I regard those windows to be an utterly essential part of the house’s energy efficiency as they are casement able to be opened to optimise catching breezes, with timber frames that, unlike Aluminium ones, do not transfer heat between the inside and outside to keep the house cool in Summer and warm in Winter when they are closed.  The ‘uneven’ comment baffles me, no idea what she’s on about here, they are all straight and level….
noweedsYes ‘the garden area’ could use some tidying up if you’re so inclined, but I’m busy painting windows and sorting the abundant crap in this house we are not taking to Tasmania….  Besides, it’s not a garden, it’s a food forest!  The first commandment of Permaculture should read “Thou shalt not mow”.  I constantly wonder how the neighbours will cope when they can no longer spend four or five hours a week mowing their acreage when the fuel runs out.
But like I said somewhere else on this blog, I think people want to live sustainably, it’s just that when confronted with the reality of it……  they don’t like it.  This particular woman and her husband, who drove a large unsustainable SUV to boot, should stay away from the countryside…. and forget the whole idea of living sustainably.  It’s clearly not their thing.



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30 01 2015
Chris Harries

One person can ruin your day.
Don’t let ’em, that’s my only advice.

30 01 2015

Thanks Chris…… it was disappointing, but I’ve moved on. Better things to do. I just see it as a sign of the general malaise of society.

BTW, I’ll be in Hobart with my son on Monday night, and will be in Tassie for a week…. must catch up. email me your contact details so we can…

30 01 2015

I agree, this sort of lifestyle is not for them. 😦 Wood fires mean dust and ash, not to mention hitchhiking in on the wood “wildlife”. I have drawers full of food harvested from the garden that is still wearing some of the soil in which it grew and last week we still had evidence of the onion skins and soil on our living room (processing space) floor. Country and sustainable life is not magazine glossy and can rarely be made to look like it, let alone stay that way so it’s unrealistic to expect a showroom home with manicured gardens attached. Bring on the no-mow approach (not far from being in a position to not need the mower anymore) and raising a glass to spiders inside who make for a far more sustainable fly management system than an aerosol can.

Good luck with the sale. 🙂

30 01 2015

great flame…. love it!

30 01 2015

Oh my!!!
Oh dear!!!

If I were you, I won’t be selling to that picky unrealistic person!! She is probably one who is afraid of insects and animals which may come into the house unsolicited and proceed to use toxic sprays and chemicals to rid of them!

30 01 2015

Don’t worry… I don’t think she’ll be coming back…!!

31 01 2015

It must be so frustrating for you Mike. Especially when you do have a great property. People are so picky. I’m crossing my fingers for you that Scott and Amanda sell their house soon.
We have a mud room to the outside on the other side of our laundry. It looks like an Adams Family room, with cobwebs everywhere and insects therein. Can’t quite bring myself to destroy all those spiders homes, and they do no harm…. Meanwhile at my daughter’s place, also in Port Sorell, Northern Tassie, the cat brought a 1 metre copperhead into the house the other day. Was removed by our local snake catcher. Amazingly, the cat wasn’t bitten or hurt at all!

Did you read about the bolt holes that the rich are buying for themselves in New Zealand?
As one of the comments at the bottom says :-
“Perhaps the uber rich are beginning to realise that the 99% are rapidly running out of patience.”

22 04 2015

Mike, is your property still on sale? Is it facing the north-east (e.g. enjoy the sunrise)? What is the altitude (is it above the 100-year flood line)? What is the nearest mines & power station (i.e. contamination industry)? Mary

22 04 2015

Hi Mary

No, this house faces NORTH… which is the ONLY aspect ANY house should be built on. The sun only rises in the NE in Winter, and so does not have to face NE to get it, our house has sun shining through it all day long all winter long (except when it’s cloudy of course..)

A house built facing NE would overheat like mad as the Summer afternoon sun would shine through all the windows on the SW side. The whole ‘facing NE’ thing is a myth, it’s totally the wrong way to build, especially in a warm climate. read this:

IF we got flooded….. the rest of the world would be in very deep water! There are no mines and no polluting industries for hundreds of kilometres. Still interested? Ring me 0447 500 566


24 04 2015

Dear Mike, I had attempted to email you but it bounced back. Can you give me your most current email contact? Mary

25 04 2015

It’s the same as in the advert Mary…

15 07 2015
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