Turn off the lights on the way out

24 01 2015

Excellent retake of all the things discussed here in a style and manner I cannot do or write… enjoy.

Leaving Babylon

Reality and power are so mutually incrusted that even to raise the question of dissolving power is to step off the edge of reality.
— John Holloway

I started this blog with a longing familiar to many: stop the world, I wanna get off! I had a dream, a dream to find a way out of Babylon, this accelerating nightmare that has us addicted and horrified, both. The standard argument for the impossibility of an exit is simple and persuasive. Even if you move to the fringes, Babylon finds you, either to destroy, or to engulf and devour. Same thing, different time line. As we speak, the last unknown tribes are being chased out of the Amazon jungle to be wiped out. There is no place to go.

Except, I refused to believe it. My gut told me that escape is possible; we were not looking at the problem with…

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25 01 2015

Stuff, stuff and MORE stuff is capitalism’s answer to everything. However there is a growing trend to the realization of more is not better. From the expanding tiny house movement, to the popularity of Marie Kondo’s book on the art of chucking out is message of “less is better”

Of course it is all too late to save humanities billions. These ideas for a restructured future will not all come to pass but some ideas will come to pass in different places.

Two hundred years ago most villages were almost self sufficient, now entire nations are not. Collapse is inevitable, it will be soon and it will be nasty. The more you are completely independent, the less nasty it will be for you.

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