Is Earth’s temperature about to soar?

5 01 2015

Open Mind

A recent blog post on RealClimate by Stefan Rahmstorf shows that when it comes to recent claims of a “pause” or “hiatus,” or even a slowdown in global surface temperature, there just isn’t any reliable evidence to back up those claims.


Yet for years one of the favorite claims of those who deny the danger of global warming has been “No global warming since [insert start time here] !!!” They base the statement on the observed data of earth’s surface temperature or its atmospheric temperature. Then they claim that such a “pause” or “hiatus” in temperature increase disproves, in one fell swoop, everything about man-made climate change.

They seem a bit worried lately because it is very likely that the data from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) will record this year as the hottest on record; we won’t know, of course, until 2014 is complete. A single…

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5 01 2015

> With so many data sets to choose from, sometimes those who deny the danger of global warming but don’t like the result they get from one data set will just use another instead, whichever gives the result they want.

And sometimes “global warming is scary” enthusiasts do exactly the same thing – like Mark Cochrane.

> Based on the best estimate of the present trend, using the data from NASA GISS (as used in Rahmstorf’s post), this is what we can expect to see in upcoming years:

The “present trend” is that BAU continues. If you don’t believe BAU will continue, because of Peak Oil, Peak Coal and the world debt crisis, then forecasts based on “present trend” are pointless.

5 01 2015

Thing is DK, you conveniently omit that the last 40 years of emissions have not yet impacted on the climate, and post collapse a whole lot of pollutants in the air that alleviate the effects of emissions will very quickly disappear…. increasing warming.

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