Meet David Korowicz

29 12 2014
David Korowicz

David Korowicz

David Korowicz was mentioned by Dave Kimble in a recent comment he left below Ugo Bardi’s Seneca cliff post, and I have heard Nicole Foss also mention him as an excellent systems analyst well worth following; so, seeing as I had not yet bothered to take the time to look him up, this morning I found a fascinating youtube film of him giving a lecture at the The New Emergency Conference.

David Korowicz documents the disturbing growth in the complexity of trade and financial networks and in the various types of infrastructure. He sees the collapse process as a system of re-enforcing feedbacks that cut investment in energy and R&D and cause supply chains and IT networks to break down.

David Korowicz is a physicist who studies the interactions between economics, energy, climate change, food security, supply chains, and complexity. He is on the executive of Feasta and an independent consultant. He is former head of research for The Ecology Foundation, and was recently appointed to the council of Comhar, Ireland’s Sustainable Development Partnership.

As an aside, but relevant to this piece, my friend Ted Trainer has had an article published about the simpler life on The Conversation you might all like to read (and support by commenting!)




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29 12 2014

He brings up many issues that have worried me for a while. Our system is so very interrelated, very complex and highly stressed; perfect preconditions for Catastrophic, cascading, failure.

We have gone beyond the limits of growth, with a system that requires perpetual growth. Belief that the future must be better is essential for capitalism, once the knowledge that the future cannot be better sinks through to our decision making processes capitalism stops dead.

Our super efficiency is a trap, at the cost of all resilience. Knowledge is completely fragmented, reliant on complex technology. How stupid will we be without the internet. We in a general sense do not have the knowledge our parents and grandparents had, basic carpentry, gardening the can do just fix it approach. Add to this the complexity of stuff that prevents casual fixing, my first car was so very simple the current one is well just give up and go to the mechanic.

When there is no global trade, where in Australia will we get a nail?

Go back to living in caves? Our descendants will envy the cave man.

29 12 2014

That was a nice piece by Ted over at the conversation… good to see you corrected that nong with the first comment too Mike! 🙂

I’m now 1 year into my voluntary simplicity journey and there’s no way I could rejoin the ‘civilised’ modern world… it’d drive me mad!

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