Tasmania project update

5 12 2014

I feel like I’m swimming in treacle…….  Selling Mon Abri is traumatic, exciting, eye opening, tiring, but unexpectedly, not making me sad in the least.  After having ‘listed’ Mon Abri here on this blog since April last year (it feels like so much longer…) and getting no enquiries at all from the exercise, I decided to list it on Gumtree.  Within two days we had a buyer.  I hasten to add, Scott and Amanda have to sell their place, before they can buy ours, and it’s all taking what feels to me like ages and ages, even though, really, it’s been maybe six or seven weeks since we met…..  Hence the swimming in treacle comment.  What makes things even worse is that we’ve since had loads more interest, from people as far away as Western Australia, Victoria, and Sydney, and as 2014 is setting temperature records to almost certainly make it the hottest ever year since data started being recorded, my desire to move to Tasmania is growing daily.

As much as I would hate to disappoint our firm buyers, who in their own minds have already moved in as much as in my mind I have already moved South, my desire for the big move seems to have taken over my entire psyche….  Really weird stuff is Screenshot from 2014-11-27 16:16:09even happening to me…  I of course am constantly looking at appropriate real estate online (the block I was so keen on when I inspected it in January is under contract) and I’ve made another discovery that to me looks like ‘the perfect place’.  Out of the blue, I thought I’d check out what this property may look like on Google Earth’s ‘street view’.  I don’t even know why I did that, because all the really good bits are well away from the road, and not even visible from it.  Even more amazing, the imagery on Google Earth for that site seems to have been taken on two different days, and for reasons only best known to Google, only one, just one, of the photos of the shed that fronts the road has two cars parked outside the side door….. and they are the exact same cars we drive in Cooran!  I’m not one to believe in omens, but this…….  well, it just blew me away!  Is it really meant to be?

I’ve seen really good properties come and go before, and yes, I would be disappointed if this one also goes before we have the funds to buy it….  but if this one turns out to be a ‘meant to happen’ event, I would be really glad.  I have friends in Geevo who inspected this land and say it’s really very good, so fingers crossed….

One couple whom I showed around Mon Abri came from Victoria.  They had obviously seen the photos, and should have known what to expect.  Over the phone, I was told they were ‘serious buyers’, with the readies to purchase immediately.  They wanted ‘something really sustainable’.  It turns out they’d never even lived on acreage, but as she was a volunteer wildlife carer, she was keen on looking after animals, and, they told me, goat milk and the cheese derived therefrom was the only dairy they ate….  Strangely, they showed almost no enthusiasm for the place, even though the hundreds of people who’ve come through here not even looking to buy always say how wonderful it is….. and we never heard back from them.  Maybe, once confronted with what ‘really sustainable’ means, they didn’t like it, I don’t know…..  One thing this lady told me that I shall remember a long time is that when you are raising kangaroo ‘pinkies’, the term used for the tiny hairless embryos these animals give birth to, giving them cows’ milk will kill them within 24 hours, yet they survive just fine on goat milk.  She did tell me what was in cows’ milk that did this, but I can’t remember what it was…. and I guess milking kangaroos is a bit out of the question!

While I wait for events to unfold, the daily life here keeps going, making cheese like there’s no tomorrow, making ice cream like it’s never going to cool down, and luckily unlike this time last year we’re getting some rain and the tanks don’t look like going dry anytime soon.  I’m finally repainting and reputtying our recycled windows now, not the sort of job I love doing, but it needs to be done to sell, and right now, that’s priority numero uno….

So there you have it.  Watch this space….  you never know when I might have exciting news on the rest of our lives.  It’s all in the laps of the gods now…..




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5 12 2014
Graham Palmer

Good luck in selling the property in Queensland and an expeditious move to Tasmania.
I thought you might be interested in these links – Climate Tasmania – launched on 4 Dec – http://www.climatetasmania.org and the EDO in Tasmania –

6 12 2014

Thanks Graham………. I will read those when time permits!

7 12 2014

Your Qld home is very nice Mike and extremely well thought out. But I have no doubt that a move to Tasmania is a wise decision. Do you plan to build something similar ?
My best wishes to you for a successful sale in the very near future.

7 12 2014

Hi Marg…. I have in fact already designed our new house! We’ll incorporate many of the good ideas built into this place, but it will be two bedrooms with two ensuites so that two couple (with no children!) can live there and share a central living space.

It will be built along the lines of an Earthship (minus the tyres), like this… https://damnthematrix.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/fantasising-about-our-next-house/

8 12 2014

Plot twist: those *are* your cars. Google time wormhole!

10 12 2014

Every time I am on the computer my wife asks are you looking at Tasmania again. In my case more a pipe dream, the family has made it clear enough I would be going alone. They seem to think our 4×2 suburban dog box will always be worth more than the same on twenty acres in Tasmania, even after the SHTF. (And that we could move then.)

Why do I try to convince the world we have a problem, when I cannot even convince my own family?

10 12 2014

I feel for you…… I’m so lucky my whole family’s on the same page….

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