Dmitry Orlov: Russia’s Patience Is Wearing Thin

30 11 2014

Great podcast from Chris Martenson who interviews Dmitry Orlov……




2 responses

1 12 2014

He is so partial on the subject of Ukraine. It is so hard to listen to his propaganda about lovely Russians and “ukrainian nazis” in UA.
Jesus! his words about Ukrainian being Russian shall light a warning bulb in any reasonable mind as his fake compartion crimea and texas shall light it up, too.
Anyone who is familiar with methods of unfair reasoning finds his speech full of it. I’m profoundly in the subject of the war and all his word is mere russian propaganda.
Try to post a comment about any of the revealed by russian propaganda on his blog. U may be sure of it not being allowed.

“Honest game” with Russia – he demands -is the worst move one could do.

I hope the sanctions imposed and the oil game will make the russian budget down and finally ppl there will stop to be afraid and walk out to the street and demand the war-ignitiong dictator down.

“makes us” ….@ 19:39 is where he openly confirm which side of the conflict he supports. Just a paid, supporting hybrid war Cremlin troll.
The country I was brought up had a pleasure to get know what russian way democracy is like and we want it no more.

an no, no…i’m not a member of cyber-berkut 🙂
just a reasonable being resistant to russian propaganda.

2 12 2014

Where are you from Rafal?

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