Climate Crisis: Are we there yet?

28 11 2014
Published on Youtube 27 Nov 2014

A lively panel discussion with Dr. Guy McPherson, Dr. Rick Nolthenius, Joe Jordan, Dr. Carol Stoker, and a participating Santa Cruz audience reviews a wide variety of opinions on whether we are in a climate crisis.  At first, I thought this was going to be a Guy McPherson love fest, but it’s much better than that……  proper scientists putting McPherson into perspective.  Things aren’t great, but we still have time to stop the worst of it…

Joe  Jordan and Carol Soker needs to visit this site, however……  his optimism of solar power is well overcooked!  Let’s face it, everyone has opinions, and they all have something to say that adds to everyone’s knowledge.  So share the knowledge…




3 responses

28 11 2014

the only climate crisis caused by greedy moguls and gov, is slash and burn removal of all our forest habitat

29 11 2014

I like this one, but it’s only a TV drama, nothing to worry about …
The Climate Change debate is long over and there is nothing we can do The Newsroom season 03 ep 03 The EPA

30 11 2014

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