You don’t know shit

21 11 2014

I’m well known for predicting the demise of large modern cities.  Utterly convinced of their massive unsustainability I am…  apart from the vulnerability of their food distribution systems in a collapsing fossil fuelled world, there is the issue of sewerage.  People in cities just flush and forget, but have no idea of what happens afterwards.  Nobody, absolutely nobody, wants to know what happens to their shit!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t find it the most palatable of subjects myself, but if you’re interested in sustainability, then shit is a major issue.

Then, along comes this film past my intray.  It’s times like these you’re glad they haven’t yet worked out how to make your computer generate smells as well as sounds..!  All the same, it’s a real eye opener.

There is no doubt that sewerage saved London (the first sewered city in the world, if you don’t count Rome a couple of thousand years ago – though it wasn’t sewers as we know them that they used back that far., but sewers did not save us from cities.  Cities MUST have sewers, they are simply too big and there are too many people to deal with.  At one million inhabitants, Rome had it easy compared to those cities today that count their citizens in the tens of millions…..

So, watch this……:

I knew these things were complex, but this blew me away nonetheless, because all I could think about as the film advanced was “what will they do when the oil runs out…?”

It is simply extraordinary how I can achieve the exact same results they do, using just a couple of 4W fans…..


Complexity will kill complex civilisation.  it was built off the back of huge amounts of surplus energy.  For me, the future of civilisation comes down to just those two words: SURPLUS ENERGY.  Nothing else matters.  Here is Susan Krumdieck on ERoEI and nett or surplus energy….



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21 11 2014

have to agree with you mike city folk don’t only not know shit they won’t even look at their own offering, I’ve long been an advocate for people being in situations(leaves units and town houses out, but as you say they are not sustainable) where they can process their own waste, garden scraps used water and poop, we have septic as council make it too difficult to install drop toilet the simplest and best system.

if properties are large enough say minimum800sq/mts with a modest home on site then they can recycle all waste paper, scraps and toilet into gardens, I see nothing wrong with people being allowed to use composting toilets in the suburbs, it should be encouraged.

anyhow keep it out of gov’ hands or they will give the water back to you to drink.

21 11 2014

Reblogged this on Foodnstuff and commented:
This reblog from Mike at Damn the Matrix.
It blew him away! It blew me even further! And like Mike I kept thinking, “what will they do when the oil runs out?”.

I’d like to see a full chemical analysis of these ‘biosolids’, aka sh*t.

I’m so glad for my composting toilet. Quite the best thing I’ve ever done. I know what goes into it and I know what comes out of it. I have no reservations on using it for the garden. But the fecal waste of a city the size of New York. No thanks.

21 11 2014

Good to see a fellow urine diverter! 🙂

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