Origins: Exclusive Worldwide Premiere

16 11 2014
Published on Nov 13, 2014

Watch the exclusive worldwide premiere of the Origins film from November 13th – November 22nd. Get Details:


Get in quick to see the whole documentary before it’s pulled from youtube…….  uplifting, factual, imspiring, totally worth spending the 1 hour 40 minutes to watch or 1.6GB to download as I have……

Share widely, the word has to get out.



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16 11 2014

Nice but if they are considering evolution, then it doesn’t stop.
So if todays environment is making humans go extinct then there are probably a few mutant humans who can survive & thrive in a predatory capitalist toxic atmosphere & chemical environment & they might be a new species that lives after humans die out.

16 11 2014

Aside from the optimism that society will continue as it is and that we can just become healthier and better at what we do today, I loved this. Peak oil and the lack of cheap and abundant “fire” means that we will indeed return to our origins but in a way far more hardcore and true than the film producers have envisaged. Still and all, this was a great way to spend a Sunday evening. Much to think about now too.

Thanks for the share Mike. 🙂

16 11 2014
Origins and a way to learn more about how to implement them | rabidlittlehippy

[…] from Damn the Matrix shared a film called Origins on his blog the other day. I’ve just finished watching […]

16 11 2014

Does anyone know the estimate of how many Aboriginals were living in Australia at the time of European settlement?

17 11 2014

I believe it was about 800,000….

16 11 2014

Actually, I’ve now checked this. Estimates vary between 318000 and 1 million indigenous peoples in Australia at the time of Cooks landing.
Estimates also vary as to how long they lived here – between 40000 and 70000 years.
Given that many traditional hunting and foraging grounds have been destroyed in the past 200+ years along with their respective fauna and flora populations, it would be impossible for 23 million Australians to ‘return to our origins’ and adopt (highly sustainable) hunter/gatherer lifestyles. Also, this continent’s soil and water constraints would most probably preclude the (sustainable) agricultural option for that many.
So, along with the oil crash comes the population crash – in the not too distant future…

17 11 2014

Yes…. and no…

Humans have had such a huge impact on ecosystems that lading a hunter gatherer lifestyle would be almost impossible anywhere in the world…. and if 23 million Australians tried to, what remains of the wilderness we have left would soon be decimated.

I’m not sure the message of the film was to go back to THOSE roots. The damage started to become irreversible with the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago. “this continent’s soil and water constraints” ‘could’ be alleviated with permaculture practices. If Geoff Lawton can grow food in the Jordanian desert, almost anything is possible.

The problem, as I see it, is that we are pissing the FFs we have left up the wall building more freeways to collapse, rather than building swales and dams. Nobody [in power] is admitting that we gave to transition away from the Matrix and move towards a sustainable agrarian future, and frankly, I think that was the real message of the film. Lots of mentions of sustainable agriculture and how it outperforms the hi-tech GMO sector.

Might well be over optimistic (it’s not gonna happen! – well, not until it’s too late anyway) but the potential is there to take over and manage a powerdown scenario. The Matrix won’t let us.

18 11 2014

One stone at a time …. many ripples…….

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