Tony Abbott in Far North Queensland

5 11 2014

Good for a laugh…..

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Old Sam had been a stockman all his life. Up in far North Queensland where his ancestors had lived for thousands of years.

As an Elder of his people he was sitting in the front row of a crowd being addressed by Tony Abbott on one of his highly publicised trips to remote communities.

Tony was explaining how the Coalition had done so much for the original Australians while brushing away the flies which gathered wherever there were mammals of any species.

Sam had been listening closely and noticed the problems Tony was having with those pesky flies buzzing around his head.

So he spoke up and asked, “Having some problems with circle flies, there, are ya, Tony?”

Tony stopped rabbitting on about how good the Liberal Party was for Indigenous People and said, “Well, yeah, if that’s what they are. I’ve  never heard of circle flies”.

So Sam says…

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2 responses

5 11 2014
Ruth Lipscombe

Spot on Mike.I am still laughing.

6 11 2014

He he he

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