Paradise Lost and Future Pending

29 10 2014

well worth a look…

Collapse of Industrial Civilization


The following video message is from Dr. Erik Pianka, an esteemed American biologist, one of the world’s most accomplished field ecologists, and author of the classic 1983 book Evolutionary Ecology. This video was made roughly four years ago. Not much has changed in the interim other than everything getting progressively worse —more people, more cars, more garbage landfills, more greenhouse gas emissions, more ocean acidification, more extinctions, etc…

To save the habitability of the Earth, many enlightened environmentalists and thinkers have proposed a radical but simple solution which calls for a reconfiguration of modern society into a much lower energy-intensive way of life with food production localized and resources socialized —just the opposite of what is now happening in our no-holds-barred global capitalist system. However, the time for a transition was decades ago before we had gone so far into overshoot that world powers are now scrambling to lay claim…

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29 10 2014
Chris Harries

Yesterday I sat in on a philosophical meeting with a number of hard working environmentalists, and one thing struck me: though nearly everyone present had a strong foreboding sense of what the short term future holds in store, they are very wary of appearing to appear ‘Doomsday’. The term ‘doomsday’ has been successfully used for years as a short cut way to cut down anyone who raises alarm. Armageddon types. I try to deal with this one by using the stock market term ‘Correction’ because, yes, we are in for a major correction and this terminology helps people to see out to the other side and imagine a post collapse future rather than sensing that this is the End.

The other thing that strikes me is the almost universal environmental ethos: being positive is paramount. They can’t all be wrong about that logic, but I throw into the ring that being too positive removes the big bogey that everyone at some stage has to confront. Even if the need to be positive is logical, my two bob’s worth is that at least some people have to say it as it is – forthrightly, without pulling punches. There are no rewards for doing this, mind you. Even your friends may look askance at you, as if you are some sort of religious nutter.

29 10 2014
John Doyle

The text is sensible enough, but the attached video clip is just crappy.The link to Slate, on the decline of ag. in Central California has a deja vu look for anyone who remembers the Oklahoma dustbowl. Appropriate b+w pics too.
A bit like Chris Harries above I talk in terms of corrections not doomsday [which traditionally had a religious cast to it] but Correction really is a puff piece description of our future.
If one wants a clear explanation of where we are going, unbeknown to most of us, the You tube clip says a lot, and how agriculture is really what matters as well as the economic pickle we find ourselves in;

This ditty too;

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