The False Solutions of Green Energy

13 10 2014

Max Wilbert & Cameron Foley expose the fallacies of “green” technology by tracing the process of industrial production for these technologies and exposing the destruction they cause.

I suggest you download the pdf file that has the slides in it, and watch that while you listen to the youtube video…….

Powerpoint slides available at




3 responses

13 10 2014
Chris Harries

I’m totally on side with trying to bring some common sense to the limits of renewable energy and so-called green technology – because much of renewable advocacy feeds a grand delusion.

However, so long as there’s a raging ding dong battle going on between the coal industry and the renewable industry I am a bit wary of accidentally feeding the wrong side of that battle. The debating point here is between what is rational and what is delusional, with respect to renewable energy.

Just a cautionary note that we have to be a little careful in our language or risk being misrepresented.

13 10 2014

the inconvenient truth hey? inconvenient to the mindless drones who simply believe without question. I watched a doco’ where they were building huge mining machinery, the amount off welding is almost 24/7 can you imagine the power current needed? renewables simply can’t cut the mustard can it. lets return to the status quoi now drop power prices then work on an alternative, and realistically it can only ne nuclear.

so instead of habitat destroying solar farms and wind farm, rehabilitate the habitat

13 10 2014

Are you having a laugh…………??

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