When it Comes to The Arctic Methane Monster, What We Don’t Know Really Could Kill Us — NASA Model Study Shows Very High Carbon Release Uncertainty

30 09 2014


(Can we save humanity from the greatest threat ever? Must-watch video highlights the risks and uncertainties of catastrophic methane release from the Arctic environment.)

After millions of years of ice ages, the Arctic has become a vast repository of fossil carbon.

Over the millennia, layer after layer of carbon-based biological material has been locked away in the frozen soil of the Arctic tundras and sea beds. Some of these stores have simply become entombed within the ice. Others, already turned to methane through the slow fluxes of time, underlay the frozen ground and the chilly Arctic sea-bed floor as a kind of fire ice.

An unstable, flammable, and explosive substance called clathrate.

The stores themselves are massive — containing between 2,000 to 3,000 billion tons or more of carbon. Likely more than five times the amount of carbon humans have already emitted into the atmosphere over the past 150 years…

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30 09 2014

all this panic and fear hype over something we have no control over, just nature taking its course

3 10 2014
Murray Carew

It’s a good video that you included in this post. Just came across this article published in Vermont and thought it was a relevant perspective:

“most importantly we need to accept the fact that near-term human extinction is a real possibility and that the best way to address this is to build supporting communities that can help us not only with the grieving and suffering but also to find joy and pleasure in the here and now through being in the natural environment, enjoying all of the arts, celebrating each other’s lives, acknowledging and apologizing for the mess we are leaving future generations, all while still being grateful for the lives that we now have.”

– George Plumb in VT Digger


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