27 09 2014

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Australia has been moved

Be very frightened, Australia Be very frightened, Australia

Moved from extreme concern about the First Hockey Budget to extreme concern about the Islamic Terrorist Threat.*

This coincided with a fall in the polling for the abbott** Government. The result has been a slight return from extreme unpopularity to mild unpopularity in that polling.

News Ltd and consequently all journalists who hope one day to be within that august stable of fearless reporters and commentators have wiped the Budget not only from the front page but also from all the inside pages of our newspapers.

Our televisions and radios have so much news on terrorism, ISIL/ISIL/Non-Islamic Non-State that there is little time left for the other overseas news. The news of the abbott attack on Russia, his poking of the Bear, and just an occasional mention of the massive invasion of refugees we are suffering daily. Of course, suddenly…

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2 responses

27 09 2014
Ruth Lipscombe

Scientists,health professionals,environmentalists,ethicists must be searching the papers/internet for jobs overseas.
Soon we will be left with warmongers,money grabbers and racists all giving the worst government ever ‘full marks’.
For those who love this country there is nothing left to celebrate.
Thank goodness for blogs like this and AIMS ,they keep the ‘flicker of hope ‘ alive.

27 09 2014

it’s called budget hidden by a red herring, budget by stealth

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