The Collapse of Western Civilization

9 09 2014

Most interesting…

synthetic zero

“It is the year 2393, almost 400 years from now. And a Chinese historian is looking back on our century, the 21st century, and trying to explain how the world saw climate change coming and did nothing. How we denied and delayed as an unbelievable price tag of suffering and destruction gathered around us. How that suffering finally came – with flood and heat and mass migration and chaos. How Western civilization collapsed”

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9 09 2014

with all the dooms day scare mongering stuff, the planet has no hope of making it to another 300+ years won’t be anyone here not even the revered chinese historian, so no one will know hey, anyhow enjoy while you can

9 09 2014
Chris Harries

The book’s only about $8.
Probably a good entertaining science fiction read.
And it’s said to have a very positive ending!

10 09 2014

thanks for the linkage DtheM, this might be of interest as a case of how the cognitive-biases of liberal activists keep them from getting just how bad things are…

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