Falling Empires and the Future of Democracy in 21st Century America

4 09 2014

John Michael Greer

John Michael Greer, also known as the infamous Archdruid, speaks to the Extra Environmentalist about his latest book, Decline and Fall.  Greer’s insight is simply phenomenal, and the way he explains why and how the USA’s Empire is going down is just fascinating.

About one hour later, (yes, it’s a long podcast, but worth every MB you download) Chris Martenson speaks about he energy descent and how it will affect the future.

Chris Martenson

Chris Martenson

I suggest you download this to a memory stick and listen to it in bits on your favourite sound player while you do something menial….  and you’ll probably want to listen to it several times!!

Enjoy…  and make sure you share with anybody who still doesn’t ‘get it’…..

The End of Empire and the Future of Democracy in 21st Century America





2 responses

4 09 2014

not just the yanks but our governance system is broke’ no way it can fixed, so if we find a better system all other issues will fade away

5 09 2014

As they say, when you make something idiot proof, nature makes a better idiot. Humans are always looking for a new “system”, as if its possible organise and legislate the way to our ideal selves, harmonious communities and utopia. These things may well come about in a few million years as our species evolves, and this assumes that these qualities provide the best survival mechanisms. So far power and force and have been selected as the most desirable characteristics of our DNA.

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